[Proposal] Apply to be Council Member of Regional Community DAO

NEAR Regional Community DAO Council Member Self Nomination Process:

  1. I’m Jerome Frank (Jeromemrys), a Physics Graduate from Nigeria. I’m highly invested in Human Right Equality, and I thrive to make sure I make positive impacts wherever I find myself.
    I’m also an Artiste and Instrumentalist, as music is the one thing that keeps me whole and grounded, and I also have a great working experience within the Web3 space.

  2. Being in the Web3 space for about 3yrs+, these has been my experiences:
    ✓ Community Management
    ✓ Project Management
    ✓ Marketing
    ✓ Customer Service Representative
    ✓ Social Media Management
    ✓ Software Engineering (in view).

  3. Aside my experiences within the Web3 space, these are some of my unique skills:
    ✓ Good English communication skills
    ✓ Keyboardist
    ✓ Singing
    ✓ Song writing

  4. My involvement with NEAR and the overall Blockchain ecosystem can be cited below:

✓ Co-Team Lead | TNE Society (Community on NEAR Protocol).
• Hosting Music-NFT event in tertiary institutions across the country to onboard creatives within Web3.
• Teaching on NFTs, Crypto Currency, Music-NFT, Blockchain Technology.
•Bridging the gap between Web3 and the music industry.

✓ Community Manager | Metamon Crew (Metaverse Gaming-NFT Project).
• Community moderator on Discord channel
• Helping community members understand how Metamon project works on NEAR Protocol
• Organizing Daily/Weekly community Gaming Challenge to keep members engaged and boost adoption.

✓Customer Service Representative | Galaxy Finance
• Maintained web queue availability to maintain service standards
• Gather customer feedback and share with the Product, Sales and Marketing teams
• Shared new technical knowledge with team to foster growth and collaboration
• Update internal databases of company with information about technical issues and useful discussions with customers.

✓ Social Media Manager | Fusotao Protocol
• Established and maintained relationships with influencers to boost brand awareness
• Maintained social media calendar, supporting brand identity while tapping into seasonal moments and appropriate trends
• Measured and reported impact on social media to improve effectiveness of marketing efforts.

✓ Community Manager (Intern) | NEAR Protocol
• Managed Telegram channel with over 40k members, keeping them engaged and providing solutions to their daily questions about the project.
• Discord channel moderator.

  1. I’m from AFRICA, NIGERIA to be precised. And this is the Region I will be representing on the Regional Community DAO.

  2. The communities I represent are cited below:
    • TNE Society

  3. Based on my experiences as a Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Marketing Manager, Project Manager, and Customer Service Representative, I have gained a variety of skills that could make me a good candidate for the position of Council Member for Regional Community DAO. As a Community Manager, I’ve experience in engaging with communities and building relationships with stakeholders. As a Social Media Manager, I have experience in managing online communities and engaging with users through social media channels. As a Marketing Manager, I have experience in promoting products and services to target audiences. As a Project Manager, I have experience in planning, organizing, and leading projects to completion. As a Customer Service Representative, I have experience in providing excellent customer service and resolving issues. These skills are valuable for a Council Member for Regional Community DAO in a Blockchain Ecosystem. As a Council Member, I would be responsible for engaging with the community, promoting the ecosystem, managing projects, and providing excellent customer service. my experiences have prepared me well for these responsibilities, making me a strong candidate for the position.

  4. As a candidate for the position of Council Member for Regional Community DAO, I believe I am a strong candidate for several reasons:

• Experience: I have a diverse background in various roles, including Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager, and Customer Service Representative. This breadth of experience has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of community dynamics, marketing strategies, project management principles, and customer service best practices.

• Knowledge of Blockchain Ecosystem: I possess a solid understanding of the blockchain ecosystem, its underlying technology, and its potential for transformative impact across various industries. My familiarity with blockchain concepts, coupled with my ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, allows me to engage and educate community members about the ecosystem’s benefits and possibilities.

• Strong Communication Skills: Effective communication is vital for building trust, fostering engagement, and driving collaboration within a community. With my experience as a Community Manager and Social Media Manager, I have honed my communication skills to connect with diverse audiences, respond to inquiries, address concerns, and facilitate meaningful discussions. I am adept at utilizing various channels and platforms to convey information and engage with community members.

• Results-Oriented Approach: Throughout my career, I have consistently delivered results by setting clear goals, developing strategic plans, and implementing actionable tactics. I am skilled at evaluating the effectiveness of initiatives, analyzing data, and adapting strategies accordingly. By leveraging my experience as a Project Manager and Marketing Manager, I can ensure that regional community development efforts are aligned with the broader goals of the blockchain ecosystem.

  1. People should vote for me because:

• Dedication to Community: I am deeply committed to fostering vibrant and inclusive communities. I understand the importance of actively listening to community members, valuing their contributions, and creating an environment where everyone feels heard and valued. I will advocate for the needs and interests of the regional community members and work towards their empowerment and growth.

• Holistic Approach: Given my diverse professional background, I can bring a holistic perspective to community development. I recognize that successful community-building requires a multi-faceted approach that encompasses effective communication, engaging events, educational resources, and collaborative initiatives. By considering the various aspects of community development, I can work towards creating an environment that encourages participation and supports the success of community members.

• Collaborative Leadership: I strongly believe in the power of collaboration and collective decision-making. As a Council Member, I will actively engage with community members, listen to their feedback and ideas, and facilitate discussions to make informed decisions that benefit the community as a whole. I will strive to build bridges between different stakeholders, foster partnerships, and leverage the collective wisdom and expertise of the community to drive positive change.

  1. Strategies to develop regional communities for a Blockchain Ecosystem:

• Education and Awareness: Many people may still be unfamiliar with blockchain technology and its potential. By organizing workshops, webinars, and educational campaigns, I will focus on raising awareness about the benefits and opportunities offered by the blockchain ecosystem. This will help in attracting more individuals to the community and nurturing their understanding of blockchain technology.

• Engaging Content and Communication: Regularly sharing relevant and engaging content across various platforms will foster community engagement. This content can include educational articles, case studies, interviews, and updates on community initiatives.

  1. My availability for this position and time commitment will be unrivaled. I will be available for at least 40hrs per week.
    Regarding my compensation, I will appreciate a compensation of $1k-$2k per month.

  2. Potential Conflicts of interest:
    As a contestant for the Council Member for Regional Community DAO, one of the main attribute I shall possess will be fairness and equity. so representing TNE Society, won’t make me deviate from those morals. I promise to be fair and factual when dealing with proposals when it crosses my desk, not withstanding which community I represent.

Platforms to contact me:
Twitter: @jeromemrys
Telegram: @jeromemrys1
Near Social: @jerommrys

Jeromemrys :heart_decoration::latin_cross:.


Great to see you show interest buddy