[introduction] apex trybe

Hello @creativesdao-council Allow me to reintroduce “APEX TRYBE”

Apex Trybe is more than just a collective under the Near Protocol; we are a decentralized record label connecting and empowering creatives to unleash their potential in the Web3 space. Our mission is to build a community that provides platforms and resources for artists, musicians, and creators in music, art, entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle. We aim to revolutionize the centralized ecosystem and foster self-sustainability for artists through our innovative strategies.

At Apex Trybe, we are deeply rooted in the Pop culture, encompassing the five pillars of MCing, Disk Jockeying, Breakdance, Graffiti, and Knowledge. By embracing these pillars, we aim to inspire and propel artists towards their maximum potential, offering them the freedom and real value they deserve for their creations within a decentralized ecosystem.

Apex Trybe is addressing several key challenges :

  1. Lack of Access: By providing a platform for artists and creators, Apex Trybe is enabling access to the decentralized world of Web3 technologies. It eliminates barriers and empowers individuals to participate in the creation and distribution of their work.

  2. Support: The traditional music industry often limits artists’ financial opportunities. Apex Trybe leverages NFTs and blockchain technology to offer new revenue streams and ownership rights to artists, fostering a more equitable and sustainable ecosystem.

  3. Community Building: Apex Trybe is building a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, fostering collaboration, and networking opportunities. By connecting artists, musicians, and creatives, it creates a supportive environment for growth and inspiration.

  4. Discoverability and Exposure: The digital landscape can be overwhelming, making it challenging for artists to gain visibility. Apex Trybe provides a curated platform where artists can showcase their work, increasing their chances of being discovered by a wider audience.

  5. Transparency and Trust: Web3 technologies promote transparency and trust through decentralized systems. Apex Trybe utilizes blockchain to ensure provenance, authenticity, and fair compensation for artists, establishing a trustworthy ecosystem for creators and collectors.


Our vision is to empower young Artists by providing them with the necessary venues, resources, and support to fulfill their artistic potential and enrich their communities through music and art. We believe in nurturing creativity and introducing new ideas that contribute to the growth of the Near Ecosystem.


Transparency is at the core of our values. As a decentralized community, we are fully visible in our processes and open to scrutiny, ensuring that nothing is hidden. We believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration, where every member of our DAO is dedicated to helping one another achieve their dreams. From artists and producers to designers, we all work together to reach our Apex.


Our goals encompass both short-term and long-term objectives. In the short term, we aim to establish a steady flow of quality audio/visual NFT creations, building a strong reputation for our community. We strive to discover and onboard talented audio/visual artists, helping them thrive in the web3 space. Hosting live events and concerts, both physically and in the metaverse, is another key objective. Collaboration with other DAOs within the ecosystem is vital to fostering growth and expanding our impact.

Looking ahead, our long-term goals include having a full roster of exclusive artists releasing under our DAO, hosting stages at festivals worldwide, headlining tours across the globe, and establishing our presence in the metaverse. We aspire to become a self-sustaining community, leveraging our creativity and innovative approaches to generate revenue and sustain our operations.


Membership in our DAO is open to everyone, and we invite you to join us on our journey. Connect with us on our social media channels, participate in our events, and be part of something extraordinary.


Currently Apex Trybe is made up of three council members strategically positioned to carry out the DAOs core agendas as we continue to grow

Join Apex Trybe, the decentralized record label that empowers creatives, transforms the music industry, and embraces the power of Web3. Together, we will revolutionize the future of artistry and achieve self-sustainability in the digital age.


Super pumped….Let’s go team :heart: