[Proposal] 54 Years of May 68 - Mama Blua Time Travaller

Proponent : Blua Discórdia (Lea Arafah)
NEAR account for payment: blua_discordia.near
[Proposal] 54 Years of May 68 - Mama Blua Time Travaller

Project Timeline: May 2022


Objective :

In this production of digital content, Mama Blua will share the online research process, with the aim of performing a small series of works, in a procedural meta-exhibition shared in the media.
Focus on historical review, this proposal follows the ironic line of humor that Blua conducts complex themes in an allegorical fashion and debauched manner.

To find inspiration, we will study artists who have created something at this time, or who have fled Brazil for the sake of survival and resistance.

There will be 3 live streamings on Youtube, where the process for research and production of NFTs will be made “in front” of the public. This had unfolded in the manufacture of a 3xr Gallery, such as dragomir-artenie Derive were made in February this year.

  • 2 products in one proposal:

There are two similar projects that will be ensemble on this only one work-in-progress:



Gambiarra-dao has supported many artistic and educational projects, if we remember the proposals of Antimetodo, week of 22, Feminu, among many other projects approved in these first 3 months of DAO. Nothing more just than to plunge into another important historical moment for us nonconforming artists from the West, which was the student movement of Paris in '68.

This expression of an urgent feeling of a cultural revolution continues to ignite and inspire the hearts of eternal young souls. What this established is not to be blindly respected.

68 told us about another love, another me, another you.
It was time to say no to a war, but to a struggle that is guided by the affections and power of unity. There are many lessons, questions, and a revolutionary process to be lived.


Production and budget steps:

I - Streaming Research - 200 Usd

II - Image and sound capture and selection - 100 Usd

III - Edition and finalization NFTs- 100 Usd

IV - Publication of 3xr gallery - 100 Usd

Around 40 hours worked to carry out this project

500 USD in NEAR

3xr Gallery Minting deadline - 30 May


Dear Mama Blua @blusw

In May we continued our work, with 9 projects received! We have asked for the support of 6000 USD to fully realize all of them. Unfortunately the limit of funding Creatives DAO gives is currently 5000 USD , therefore, in a meeting with the GAMBIARRA DAO it was decided by majority of votes, to give preference - at this time - to projects that will take place in the Gambiarra Gallery (parcel in the cryptovelxs), projects from proposers who have never proposed before, and educational projects.

So, unfortunately we won’t be able to support Mama Blua’s project, at this time, even though Mama Blua’s previous edition was extremely important to the community, answering questions about how Near and Mintbase work in an irreverent and funny way. Showing that it is possible to learn with Humor.

**We are supe sorry and we highly recommend the submissions of Mama Blua [Proposal] 54 Years of May 68 - Mama Blua Time Travaller projects for the next editions.

The importance of supporting our artists is very precious to us. In this sense, we asked for 6000 USD in Near/DAI so that we could support the community to keep growing, with projects that have monthly editions and projects that are unique, and happen only once. Right now, new participants of GAMBIARRA started to propose projects as well, and it will be great to support them, more and more. In this direction, we’ll continue our community conversations to develop Creatives DAO and discuss funding limits!

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