Hey @vandal! thank you for the questions.
Just to add to what @frnvpr already said, I will be working on the sound for the first [APPROVED] Creation of Motion Landscapes in VR, and speculatively speaking, the second Landscape would be falling into the scope of this pre-proposal.

In order to ensure other DAOs inclusion a booking system for a sound project needs to be set, which could be based on this platform and subject to approvals as any other bounty. Before presenting a proposal I would need to talk with the interested party to set an amount of hours to the project and evaluate if the work actually fall into the categories of Sound Design proposed.

The scope of the sound services that can be facilitated are:

  1. Interactive design for VR or physical installation (based on Pure Data/Max implemented in Unity in the VR case, or with Raspberry Pi or Arduino in the physical case)
  2. Recording (With Ambisonic microphone)
  3. Edition and mixing (with ambisonic toolkits for spatialization in binaural rendering or multi channel speaker arrangements)
  4. Design and development of digital audio effects and Ableton Live plugins
  5. Sound design and composition (with a focus on the spatial aspects of sound)

Depending of which kind of project/service are booked I can estimate that per month I could produce from 2 to 3 projects depending on their complexity, and considering that Recording might be in the pipeline of Edition/Mixing and considered as one project only.

The field of possibilities in terms of applications is very wide, and people working in the realms of visual art, music and cinema could benefit a lot from. I would be more than glad to talk with people and hear them out, and to figure out together if their ideas can be realized through these ensemble of techno-aesthetic services


Just for clarification, this was approved for the VR element, and is an ongoing project, to be delivered by the end of the month; it was proposed to @nico to create the sound design, but a bounty for that has not been established, yet, for possible lack of funding.

This is also at odds with the ‘possibility’ of a second Motion Landscape for the second headset ( NEAR | CON ). As things stand, the VR DAO will certainly not have money to fund it all, and that is why this pre-proposal was put forth.


Thanks for clarifying this :smiley: :smiley: this sounds very interesting not only for the VR DAO community but I see the value of this collaboration for the whole creatives ecosystem. But I think that at least in the first steps, this could be a bounty-basis and or project-based contribution, the first one being the collaboration with @nearestchico and the devs team to start. Let’s hear the opinion of the rest of Creatives council.


Thanks for the reply @nico. Looking forward to seeing it all grow from here and experience the Motion Landscape! Going to need me some VR goggles real soon :wink:


Hey everyone,

Thanks for all the clarification. I agree that having a fund available for a developer available makes sense to also keep things moving forward on the tech side of things.

In my opinion, as long as it is clear how much the creative community can also participate/use this service, it is very senseful. I would imagine that, as the Sound Design position is not approved/established yet, it might be unclear what projects can be taken on (besides the landscapes). I think giving it 1-2 months to establish and then work on a monthly/project based basis would make sense to assure that the funds are allocated well and that the whole community can have access.


So many insightful comments here already. My main addition to this will be to add that there is not yet a set budget for the Creatives DAO for Q4 2021. While it is reasonable, in my opinion, to have a portion of the Q4 budget allocated to developer/technical support for the creative community, it is not clear yet what that $$ amount would be.

For Q3 2021 the budget for the Creatives DAO was 10k NEAR for July, 20k NEAR for August, and 30k NEAR for September with a goal of 30k NEAR/mo for Q4. This budget, at today’s NEAR price ($7.15 atm), would be $643500 for the quarter. There are currently ~20 Guilds receiving funding from the Creatives DAO which makes up for ~50% ($300000) of the budget with no additional Guilds coming on board.

Q3 OKRs for Creatives DAO: [Q3 OKRs] Creatives DAO

Q3 started with 4 Creative guilds and ended with ~20, so it would be reasonable to assume that there could be enough new Guild coming online that this Q4 budget could get maxxed out. The Creative DAO council (@mecsbecs, @chloe, @JulianaM, @tabear, @vandal) will have to decide what the developer budget will be out of the total quarterly budget to decide how many open positions there could be.

Also, I think @tabear has a valid point here:

If funding is potentially going to be taken from a potential new Guild (each dev is = to half of a Guild budget) then it should be clear to the entire creative community within the NEAR ecosystem how this proposal is supporting them.

Starting with 1 dev for October (funded by the Creatives DAO) and increasing the available bounties for technical/dev related support as the quarter progresses seems like a sensible path forward. Also, this would allow for the VR DAO to still have dev support (funded by the Creatives DAO), as well as the ability to set up the sound designer (funded by the VR DAO) in October!


Thanks for all the feedback, everyone!

Chloe, so, just to clarify:

  • the Developer @sainthiago can, in October, create a [PROPOSAL] directly to the Creatives DAO. That will, evidently, be prepared between him and the administrative team :robot: :robot: :robot: of the VR DAO, so that all information regarding work in bounties, support for 3XR and NEAR | CON, plus any other ongoing projects are highlighted and explained.

  • That, if [APPROVED], liberates 2500$ from the VR DAO October budget, which can, in turn support efforts in Sound Design and others.

Is this a nice summary?
If this is it, I think it’s awesome!!

After confirmation I will update everyone’s expectations of what the workflow can be for October.

Thank you all again


Agreed to my mind! And you know I’m going to be campaigning for October to be basically dedicated to NEAR | CON sooo maybe then this dev and sound designer could be open to the community more broadly technically starting in November :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


aye aye captain :pirate_flag:


This is what I had in mind, yes.


I think what we spoke about yesterday on our call can help in the future as well, if we find funds specifically for Devs to support the guilds and DAOs :slight_smile:


yeah that would be great :slight_smile:
any feedback on the final proposal?


As we get more specific guidelines for requesting funding for the Q4 budget for the Creatives DAO, we will have more concrete feedback.

Currently, we are looking to discuss and figure out what the development needs are for the entire creative community and trying to figure out how to best support those needs.

I know @EV3RETH (from HypeDAO) was also discussing the need for more developer resources and thinking about a Developer DAO (I assume specifically looking towards creative projects).

Also, @yassine is currently looking for dev support for the CuraDAO.

Personally, it seems like there’s a lot of the same ideas going around the community and it would probably be efficient for there to be some clearer direction for what is needed for the community to be supported.


hello @chloe So do you suggest that this proposal

(in the meantime approved: [APPROVED] PART-TIME DEV Virtual Reality - October - #3 by sainthiago )

should be canceled and returned to the VR DAO budget? If yes, can the VR DAO request an add on (don´t know how to name it) of 1115, from 3885$ to 5000$?

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Imo, it doesn’t need to be cancelled. Just clarifying the current state of things.

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Ok! Then, I’ll take into account this info and, for November, I’ll assume it needs to be integrated in the VR DAO general budget, unless, during this month, the community talks about this and reaches some kind of consensus.

Is that reasonable?

Considering its already 5 days into Q4, I assume the Q4 budget would be set before November.

Whatever the VR decides is best is reasonable imo…

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OK! Understood. We will try to figure out, when the time comes, what is reasonable.

thanks for clarifying what’s going on and being discussed in the community!


Sorry for a late response here, but yes HypeDAO was hoping to get additional resources for our development team. Currently the two options I’m seeing are to look for additional funding elsewhere, either from the marketing DAO or some community Dev DAO (I need to look more into all the verticals) or by splitting up our current org into two separate entities with unique budgets seeing as there are several different things going on under the HypeDAO umbrella currently (and we are looking to expand further if possible)


hello @EV3RETH (and @chloe ), I have been discussing this for Incubadora DAO and in fact, if we (in this case, the VR DAO) were able do better split the funding request from different verticals, the Creatives DAO would be less overloaded and we could just fit the Developer in the 5k cap.

I will be thinking about this and will report here what we decide to do moving forward.