[APPROVED] PART-TIME DEV Virtual Reality - October

Project Name : Part-time (80h/month) DEVELOPER position to work in VR.

Project members : @sainthiago

(guidance from @microchipgnu and @frnvpr [for the administrative part])

Target Address: sainthiago.near

Project Accounting : non-applicable

Funding Period : October.

:sunny: Requested amount : 2500$

Updated Project Timeline

During the month of September the VR DAO has onboarded a part-time Developer to work on the various ongoing VR related projects the VR DAO is developing, plus helping other DAOs when they are in need of a pair of hands to work on specific projects.

For September, the 2500$ for that specific position was included in the VR DAO Funds Request. it was [APPROVED] here [APPROVED] VR DAO September Funding Request 1 and a bounty was created (and fulfilled) here [CLOSED BOUNTY] Part-Time Developer to work with VR related projects

Here is the [REPORT] of that period: [Report] September development report - #2 by frnvpr

Highlights of the report:


  • Overview of the 3xr project (code)
  • Github setup for the repo
  • Navigate in the 3xr.space to get to know better all the functionalities
  • Created issues of 2 bugs that I found related to the pause menu and the nft description in the thing area.
  • Fixed the 2 bugs that i found.
  • Fixed a bug related to chinese characters not being shown in the 3xr world.
  • Fixed a bug related to the ‘more art’ functionality in the gallery.
  • Started working in a bug related to the pause menu and showing the controls that can be used in every platform.

Following this initial steps and what was discussed in here: pre-[PROPOSAL] 1 DEV + 1 SOUND DESIGNER (VR DAO)

I am now creating this [PROPOSAL] directly to the Creatives DAO.

:high_brightness: :high_brightness: Total amount requested = 2500$

Any doubts, please do ask.


Happy to say that you’ve been APPROVED, please feel free to submit a payout for 2500 USD in NEAR to the Creatives DAO :dizzy: :building_construction:


thank you so much! :slight_smile: