Philosophers DAO stops its activities for indeterminate time

Dear friends,

We would like to thank the entire community for the support we received during the period when it was possible to develop amazing academic projects and increase the flow of NEAR blockchain users. Of course, we also thank the NEAR Foundation for funding all of our activities.

What makes us give up continuing to produce these projects is precisely the lack of resources to carry them out. It is not possible to keep members active in our community without developing engagement projects.

A part of the treasury will be split among the council members who worked hard to complete reports and produce the March Funding Proposal (which unfortunately was not approved by Creatives), another part will remain for The Philosophers DAO to be reactivated in the future (if members are interested).

We leave here our Thank You!

The Philosophers DAO


A sad thing you’re lesving. I remember my proposal getting approved for a paper and getting disapproved because of new guidelines.

I hope you guys can stay for a while more as we all believe things would get better from here.

My honest opinion though.


Oh, my friend, I think that is sad too. I like you a lot, BigM! And we can still make things together on the blockchain. Crypto space is super broad and caring.

On the Creatives, I felt we could make a really good work in integrating artists and academics in a good way, but there are many changes in the rules now that will never allow us to get funding to our projects. Projects in academy work with one or a few leaders (council), in order for it to work well. We are all used with that in our work. As we are not getting decentralized soon, so we will not get these points. And as we do not have funding power, we cannot stimulate internal participation (beyond that, our roadmap’s intention is not need telegram participation, and the blockchain movement happens in our app), so we are not getting these points too. Without funding power, our interest in participating on Creatives weekly calls reduces a lot, and we are not getting these point either. If these points are necessary to have the proposal considered, we have no chance in this system. This is super sad, because we had a project that could really boost the numbers in the creatives and near community, but this project was not accounted, and no constructive comment was given in our proposal. I feel this system as a conflict system, where DAOs fight against them all to get funding, where we have to give a huge amount of our time to have points to be considered even with all the building we have done before, and where we build something for the Near Creatives and are not well rewarded. I am really sad with all this. Nevertheless, if our app project is of any interest to the Creatives, the mods can talk here with us, and we can see if and how we can proceed.

But tell me, BigM, how do you think things will get better from here? I really wish to believe that, but it is hard for me to see how it will get better. How do you see the future?

Yes, you have expressed your thoughts and they are well received. I do believe things will always get better especially from here.

Just a couple of months ago, there was no funding and now funding is back. I also strongly believe that the new system makes it possible for funding to get to everybody and it’s just a matter of time.

I would advise you to stick around for a month or two more, you may get your funding in the next round or the next two but certainly you will get it.

Talking about the future, it is strong and it is NEAR. The bear market affects everybody but we should not run Helter skelter but instead stay and continue building here.

I wish you well my friend.


Thank u, BigM, for your answer and caring words. I was missing this attitude on the forum. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: As you believe this system, I will believe you and stick around and check the governance forum in the next couple of months. I hope you are right.

But to let it clear, I am not running helter skelter or afraid of bear market. I am still building where I think people are open to it. I am trying to develop Brazucas NFT on KnownOrigin, even without funds and using my own money for that. The main thing is not funding per se. But how you feel your ideas are well received, or received at all. In the old days, if I put a proposal on the forum, for sure a mod would go there and tell me how to improve that idea up to the point it is approved. The idea was not to reject, but to help to improve, to be accepted. I saw no comment in the philosophers dao proposal. I saw no comment in one of the projects I tagged the mods. Beyond that, Marketing DAO is rejecting proposals without even justifying, and we had to demand public justification to have just a few words. It is not merely about funding, but about how things are developing. But I will choose to believe you, stick around, and see how things develop. I dont know about my partners in the DAO, but let’s see.

I wish you super well, my friend.


Best wishes my friend, the future is Near.