Ouch DAO (October Proposal) - Creating generative art using brain waves and airdropping 100 AI generated NFTs to Creatives Ecosystem


We are Ouch DAO, a think-tank and a collective of creators, scientists, coders and engineers involved in realtime generative art, interactive immersive installations, audiovisual performances and VJing. We missed the deadline for September, hence resubmitting our proposal for October.



  • This DAO aims to create multi-sensory and immersive sensorial experiences and interactive art installations using AI and human computer based interfaces.
  • To create a bridge between digital and real world.

Founders -





The team has years of experience in creating Interactive Immersive Experiences at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology, thus exploring the idea of human computer interfaces in creating new-age media art forms of sensorial Expressions.

Tools we work with:-

Data Visualization/Sculpture

Machine Learning & AI

Generative Algorithms

Mind Mapping

Ouch Dao focuses on creating a network of tech and cryptosavy artists that helps different communities in crypto literacy, NFT literacy as well as planning collections, executing and finding partners and buyers.

A glimpse of our process — https://twitter.com/ethereios/status/1555638974076465152?s=21&t=LgLd0B2J_We2N37E

These are our proposal and report for the first month (August)



For the second proposal (October) we will be focusing on 3 projects -

  • 100 AI generated portrait NFTs (photorealistic upgrade to the previous series, made with Stable Diffusion, as shown below)


  • EEG(Neuronal activity sensor) based interactive art sculptor where we have 2 participants and we calculate their neural activity while the participants are just looking at each other and once they synergise the Near Logo will illuminate.
  • An online workshop explaining prompt engineering and how to make AI art.
  1. 100 AI generated portrait NFTs
  • We will give 100 NFTs to the DAO ecosystem as a token of joining the community.
  • We are building a community of AI art enthusiasts who will support our art and learn how to create it as well.
  • We are creating AI art using python script (disco diffusion) and prompt engineering.
  • It is great for rapid concept prototyping and deployment but also advances understanding of computer vision.
  • [In the long run we’ll develop our own scripts and train our own AI models that are owned by the dao and deployed on blockchain.
  1. EEG(Neuronal activity sensor) based interactive art sculptor

Explanation -

Connecting an EEG machine which translates neuronal activity data into triggering the lights for Near Logo.

  • We will translate Brain signal processing data into digital art and illumination of NEAR logo.
  • We will be creating a participation based art installation where 2 participants will wear an EEG machine and just look at each other.
  • When both the participants start to harmonise with each other the system will then send the information to trigger the light, enabling the NEAR logo to illuminate.
  1. An online workshop explaining prompt engineering and how to make AI art.
  • We will explain prompt engineering and how it works.
  • We will go through various apps and models for making AI art.
  • We will create art live with Stable Diffusion and Google colab.
  • We will discuss the future of AI and how it could complement metaverse and web3 culture.

Cost breakdown

$400 - AI artist fee for 100 art creation

$150 - Using Mintbase api for deploying NFTs more efficiently and minting/distributing NFTs on it

$500 - Onboarding 30 Wallets in the events and giving an NFT airdrop

$650 - 2-EEG machine rent for 5 days

$100 - Arduino micro controllers and digital sensors

$400 - Arduino programmers

$400 - Council member fees for helping with production

$400 - Organizing Workshop

$3000 - Total funding



Your work on sensorial feedback loops and brain activity seems to be a fascinating area of work which can bring some awesome outcome as to how we feel about images and responses. Nice workflow.