Ouch DAO August Month Report

Hello NEAR fam,

DAO Name: OuchDAO

Project status: In progress

Report duration: August 2022

Council Members:





Balance 87.45 USD (6 NEAR 60.5 DAI)

Astrodao : ouchdao.sputnik-dao.near

We are very grateful that you have approved our proposal and so we are presenting our report for the month of August.

[APPROVED] Ouch DAO - Creating generative art using brain waves and airdropping 100 AI generated NFTs to Creatives Ecosystem

The month of August was focused on AI and EEG research, community and network building through NFT creation, minting, airdrop and social media promotion through the generated content tagging various NEAR institutional handles (NEAR, Mintbase, NEAR NFTs).

Projects in August :

  1. 100 AI generated portrait NFTs as shared below
  • We gave 100 NFTs to the DAO ecosystem

  • We onboarded collaborations with AI researchers and Artists from this process and made advancements in creation of AI art.

  • We made advances in understanding of computer vision.

Mintbase Shop created : ouchworld.mintbase1.near on Mintbase

NFTs airdropped : 100 (list below of wallets. 104 NFTs, owners 97, due to mintbase glitch, will be fixed next month)

  1. EEG (Neuronal activity sensor) based interactive light art sculpture
  • We created an Interactive Light art installation where participants wore an EEG machine plugged to programmable LEDs.

  • EEG machine translated neural activity of the brain into Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta values and this neuronal data translated into real time graphical animation, which was then translated into programmable LED Lights with the help of DMX protocol.

  • We were also able to translate Brain signal processing data into illuminating the NEAR Logo only when the concentration of a person goes beyond 75%. This was achieved by using Arduino and Relay system to trigger the light for Near Logo.

*Interactive Light installation (videos)


Had synergistic meetings with DNAverse (https://dnaverse.io/) and AI artists in our community to research independent AI NFT collection project fitting their themes and participation on their panels and outreach events to support our DAO, art and research. Also initiated a dialogue as to how DNA encoded NFTs and sensorial metaverse could be the key disruptive technologies in the next decade.

Attended Web3 Networking Events (https://decrypt.dev/registration/?s=08) in Mumbai and discussed about the Near Ecosystem during the event.


NEAR Wallets created : 30

List of wallets

Community Engagement

Spreading word about NEAR and Mintbase through Discord groups and Twitter Handle (@Ethereios personal account used, Dao account made and will be used for this next month). Creation of Ouch Discord (member onboarding and server engagement in process) Ouch

Live Installation event highlighting NEAR logo created organic interest in NEAR and DAO ecosystem


We built a successful workflow combining analog electronic gear with computer and iOS software and multiple signal processing pipelines (OSC, DMX, Arduino, relay) which will help our long term research in building a sensorial metaverse.

We achieved cutting edge understanding of AI art and privileged access to the latest research due to engaging the AI community involved in Disco Diffusion, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney teams.


$300 - AI artist fee for 100 art creation

$50 - Mintbase store and minting designs on it

$150 - Onboarding 10 Wallets in the event and giving an NFT airdrop.

$326 - EEG machine rent for 5 days

$50 - Arduino micro controllers and digital sensors

$300 - Arduino programmers

$400 - 4 council member fees for helping with production

Total 1580 DAI Spent.

Next Steps

  • Use 2 EEG sensors to study how people synergize with each other.

  • Adding interactive visual elements in the live installation to complement the LED display and NEAR logo.

  • Discussing with Mintbase on improving the API for NFT distribution and incorporating it in our vision.

Thanks for your support, Creatives Fam!

We are looking forward to a great September month.


@creativesdao-council Hey guys, we have made our first report. Please let us know if there is anything missing or you want to add. We will share our next project proposal by tonight.

Sorry I was confused about the months. As our first proposal was in August but funds were received the next month. Going a per the date of first proposal. Apologies.

Awesome NFTs :grin: How much we’re sold by the way?

You can apply for a Mintbase grant

Hello, we airdropped the NFTs minted on our store free to 100 people. We don’t know if they plan to sell or keep them. We are also setting up token gated content in few weeks, so eventually we could set up utility NFTs.

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