[APPROVED] Ouch DAO - Creating generative art using brain waves and airdropping 100 AI generated NFTs to Creatives Ecosystem



We are Ouch DAO, a think-tank and a collective of creators, scientists, coders and engineers involved in realtime generative art, interactive immersive installations, audiovisual performances and VJing.


  • This DAO aims to create multi-sensory and immersive sensorial experiences and interactive art installations using AI and human computer based interfaces.
  • To create a bridge between digital and real world.

Founders -

The team has years of experience in creating Interactive Immersive Experiences at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology, thus exploring the idea of human computer interfaces in creating new-age media art forms of sensorial Expressions.

Tools we work with:-
Data Visualization/Sculpture
Machine Learning & AI
Generative Algorithms
Mind Mapping

The team has worked on transformative festivals, technological museums, concept art research and execution for some of the biggest brands around the world like Nikon, ECU, Adidas, Hero Motors, ICICI bank to name a few.
We worked in institutional events around the world such as Jerusalem Light Festival (Israel), Art Vision-Moscow (Russia), Lux-Greco projection mapping art festival (Spain), Serendipity Art Festival (Goa), Live Performers Meeting (Rome).

We also make our own diverse artworks using cutting edge AI tools like Disco Diffusion, pytti, illustrip, esrgan, vqgan+clip, jax diffusion (python based tools) and Ai services like openai, midjourney, dalle2, GPT, github copilot, snowpixel, nightcafestudio. We are also coming up with our new collection of NFTs that involves generative art, machine learning art, fractal art, parametric architectural design videos, etc. We are getting active in the domain of metaverse, AR/VR and Drone Light Swarm projects.

Ouch Dao focuses on creating a network of tech and cryptosavy artists that helps different communities in crypto literacy, NFT literacy as well as planning collections, executing and finding partners and buyers.

For the first month we will be focusing on 2 projects -

  • 100 AI generated portrait NFTs as shared above

  • EEG(Neuronal activity sensor) based interactive art sculptor

  1. 100 AI generated portrait NFTs as shared above
  • We want to give 100 NFTs to the DAO ecosystem as a token of joining the community
  • We want to build a community of AI art enthusiasts who want to support our art and learn how to create it as well.
  • We will be creating AI art using python script (disco diffusion) and prompt engineering (the hottest concept and generative art technique).
  • It is not only great for rapid concept prototyping and deployment but also advances understanding of computer vision.
  • In the long run we’ll develop our own scripts and train our own AI models that are owned by the dao and deployed on blockchain.
  • We’d love for whoever want to be a part of the community to
  1. Share a proposal on AstroDAO
  2. Request to join as a member on chain
  3. Join our discord

Your support and participation will really really give us a boost in morale and also will show us how many participants are interested in learning about this unique way of NFT creation, so we can plan future workshops well.
A glimpse of our process — https://twitter.com/ethereios/status/1555638974076465152?s=21&t=LgLd0B2J_We2N37Ef2CnmA

The artwork was also appreciated by Gorilla Shops - https://twitter.com/gorillashops/status/1554793943975575552?t=isGbvq6yHTUPZQDkkdpK3A&s=35

Samples of AI art we are creating -

  1. EEG(Neuronal activity sensor) & ECG (Heart Beat Sensor) based interactive art sculptor

Explanation -
Connecting an ECG machine which translates heartbeat data into real time graphical animation(The idea is based on a research, whenever a person is meditating on a music the heartbeat synchronises with the bpm of the music). The animation created was then projection mapped on a 300 feet Jaffa Gate during the Jerusalem Light Festival 2019.

We also designed the technique for playing an orchestra in the air, using real-time gesture based 3D Human Motion tracking . It was hosted by Bollywood Legend Shahrukh Khan for one of the most experimental music director - Sneha Khanwalkar

  • We will translate Brain signal processing data into digital art and illumination of NEAR logo.
  • We will be creating a participation based art installation where participants will wear an EEG machine which will be plugged to programmable LEDs.
  • Participants will be asked to focus only on the sound without losing concentration.
  • The more their focus is in tune with the music, the more the leds will light up.
  • Once they achieve the concentration value of 75%, which is defined by beta and theta waves value, the entire installation will light up and sync to the music, enabling the NEAR logo to illuminate and sync with the music as well.

Cost breakdown

$300 - AI artist fee for 100 art creation
$50 - Mintbase store and minting designs on it
$200 - Onboarding 10 Wallets in the event and giving an NFT airdrop.
$360 - EEG machine rent for 3 days
$50 - Arduino micro controllers and digital sensors
$300 - Arduino programmers
$400 - 4 council member fees for helping with production

$1660 - Total funding

We’d love to be a part of NEAR ecosystem and get a chance to add value through art.



This is a great initiative, wish you much success.

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Welcome Ouch DAO!

Woah, this is a cool initiative!

I am wondering if you could clarify what council tasks would be?

Could you clarify the budget for this? How much N will be given to each wallet? Why is $200 needed? What application will you be using, neardrop? satori?

Would this be for buying controllers and for folks on your team to program the machine?

Lastly, would be great to see folks on the forum eventually :slight_smile:


Glad you liked our proposal.

There is a lot of running around, buying LED lights, talking to event venue to get a gig to install the scripture at, food for members, travel etc.
Also, proposal creation, reporting, putting proposals in astro dao, minting NFTs, airdropping them to wallets, coordinate with programmers and artists.

Also we are being supported and helped by @Cryptonaut and @Monish016 from tribe thrive dao. They are teaching us how to do all this and we are very happy for their support.

Help with wallets opening, Creating satori for promotion, paying the event guy some near to have the wallets opened.

Yes this is to buy the controllers and to pay 2 programmers. They will also be there at the event to check nothing goes wrong.

All teammates are not available today but they will make the ID by tomorrow.


Thank you so much for your response! We are happy to let you know that your proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators!

Here are some highlights of your proposal for transparency:

  • Proposal follows the guidelines
  • Proposal is organized and easy to understand
  • Pricing appears to be reasonable for tasks proposed
  • Project is bringing a unique and different idea to the community!

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization. Excited to see your report!


love the idea/project. Exited to see the results <3


happy to see Create Protocol on NEAR !! :heart:

are you planning to insert NEAR logo somewhere on your creations/activities/web/socials ? :blush:


Hello Johanga, we are no longer working with Create, this is an independent venture for our new project. Yes we made a NEAR logo LED board that can also be controlled by brain waves and audio, already tested it out.