[Approved] Funding request for ETH Milan 2023 - (Zeitwarp)

Hey all

So here is my proposal for attending ETH MILAN to represent the NEAR Art vertical as an unaffiliated member of Creatives Dao


  • Represent the NEAR Art Vertical.
  • Demonstrate that experimentalism and original conceptualism is present within the NEAR creative ecosystem.
  • Exhibit my physical, digital and augmented reality work
  • Network both within Creatives Dao and into the broader ETH MILAN community
  • Assist with the thematic elements of the overall installation as part of the Curation Team


  • Zeitwarp - as an unaffiliated (non-community) individual artist I would be travelling solo.


    Mantra: “NEAR has a reputation for ground-breaking original technology…it should also have a reputation for ground-breaking original culture.”
    Unfortunately this is not often the standard perception of the cultural landscape on NEAR .
    ETH MILAN - along with other physical IRL events - presents the opportunity to demonstrate beyond the NEAR ecosystem that NEAR can - and does - support and sustain work that is both original and consequential within Web3.
  • Networking / Collaboration/ Education
    Meeting and working with other NEAR based creatives, and extending that message throughout Creatives Dao and into the broader non-NEAR audience.

Flight cost

Attached flight cost screenshot - definitely not going to break the bank…but beware dynamic pricing…

Thnx & looking forward to it :+1:

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Hey @zeitwarp
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.

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Hey Pawel
Ok great, thnx

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