Open Web Sandbox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs on the Sandbox:

#1 How Can I Add An Opportunity To The Sandbox As a Guild or Project In the Ecosystem?

#2 How do I Post the Tasks I have Completed at the end of the Month as a Contributor (PioNEAR)?

#3 How Are Rewards Distributed Out At The End Of The Month? What Happens If I am Late?

#4 What is the Spotlight Tab For?

#1 How Can I Add An Opportunity To The Sandbox As a Guild or Project In the Ecosystem?

At the beginning of each month a forum topic will be created titled:

[Rolling Rewards and Opportunities in the Sandbox -Month- -Year-]

The Sandbox council will be posting rolling rewards that will roll over from the previous month from around the NEAR Ecosystem and for different projects involved.

To get whitelisted for a monthly NEAR Allocation as either a project or guild, reach out to the Sandbox Council with your:

  1. Discord ID
  2. Governance Forum Username
  3. Project You Represent

Any such project, user, or ecosystem initiative that would like to post a reward from their monthly allocation can comment below. Listings should mirror the original postings and post it either in the discord or on the governance forum (Sandbox Mods will take care of the rest):

  • Name of Activity
  • Act Name
  • Act Reward ($NEAR)
  • Series Name
  • Series Reward ($NEAR)
  • Rolling or One Time?
  • How to Start the Task: Contact a Guild Person For Go Ahead / Open For Anyone
  • Current Status: If being done already / Still Needed

Note: Under How to Start the Task, you can specify if someone is allowed to just get started, or alternatively if they should reach out to the guild for more details or vetting.

You are free to post rewards for the month at any point of the month. These will be updated from the governance forum into discord every week under the ‘Rolling Opportunities Section’.

#2 How do I Post the Tasks I have Completed at the end of the Month as a Contributor / PioNEAR?

So you have decided to make the jump into the Sandbox and start building, collaborating and networking in NEAR. Sounds like a plan. This short overview is for you to understand how to post a list of the activities that you have done at the end of each month and to be eligible for some kind of reward from the Sandbox Council!

Before we get into the actual process though, there are a couple of things to note:

  1. First, the list of rolling rewards posted are largely inspirational. The list of opportunities is non exhaustive. This means that we want you to be creative and to feel free to create your own independent contributions or initiatives! We have only one rule for it: It needs to bring value to the NEAR ecosystem. At the end of the month post the contribution and it will be evaluated by the Council with Feedback (in the event it is a custom activity).

  2. Second, as discussed in detail on the NEAR Governance Forum, certain values like inclusivity, win-win collaboration, and long term engagement with the Sandbox ground the way that the council will be looking at rewarding contributions.

Posting End of Month Contributions:

The following form has been developed for posting your end of month contributions for the Sandbox. Under the Monthly Governance Forum Rewards Topic, Created by a Sandbox Council Member, a user looking to claim their rewards must complete the form for all of the acitivities they would like to claim:
This form can be used for compiling activities, Your_Discord_ID - Google Sheets for compiling your tasks and this one for submitting them at the end of the month:

At the end of the month the Sandbox Council will go through and evaluate the contributions. Within one week of the end of the month, a final reply will be posted by a member of the Sandbox Council with the reward payouts for the different activities.

Basic Information Submitted in the Form For The Sandbox End of Month Reward Posting:

Act or Series?
Link to End Result(s):
Relevant Collaborators Involved In The Activity (List)
Name of Guild or Project if Any
NEAR Address:

Example of Reward:

Act or Series? Series
Link to End Result(s): Link to Article / Link to Tweet / Link to Translation / Link to YouTube Video
Relevant Collaborators Involved In The Activity (List) @TeeHee @JoanofArk @KelpandRice
Name of Guild or Project if Any Promoted by The Cypherpunk Guild
NEAR Address: Empty.near


“Users and Contributors Should Expect Less, Especially Early On. Contributors and users looking to make the most of the Sandbox should embrace the notion of inclusivity, and work for long-term results and rewards as opposed to immediate rewards. The expectation from these actors is that they will be rewarded their fair due for the value they contribute to the Ecosystem - even though it might not happen all at once.” - Governance of the Sandbox

The goal of the Sandbox is to create an open and transparent space for contributions, projects, and Ecosystem initiatives to interface and collaborate with one another. This is a long-term process, where quality should not be compromised.

This means that postings will need to be modified by the user if they are not correct. They will not be accepted if they are not in accordance with the pre-selected format. In the event that a posting is incorrect, a sandbox council member will notify the user and provide a week of time to respond.

#3 How Are Rewards Distributed Out At The End Of The Month? What Happens If I am Late?

At the end of each Month the Sandbox Council will go through the different tasks and series activities completed by PioNEARs. They will start this process for the previous month, during the first week of the new month. At the end of the first week of the new month, all rewards will be paid out to the relevant PioNEARs.

If a posting has been done incorrectly, a Sandbox Moderator will contact the respective person. For any postings that are late or not submitted before the end of the month, they will simply be rolled over and considered the following month.

#4 What is the Spotlight Tab For?

The spotlight tab refers to focus activities or areas of the NEAR Ecosystem that have extra-bonuses attached to them either because of events that are upcoming, or larger trends in the ecosystem that deserve more attention. To post a specific spotlight for your project, follow the pre-set format in the relevant discord channel or contact a moderator with the relevant details.


—— Username/Deborah
—— Region / Nigeria
—— Content writing/Graphics Design/Content writing
—— Languages/English/
—— Reference Person (If Referred to Sandbox): IghomariaProsper
—— How Did you Find Out About the Sandbox? my referral

Dear Gibersa, could you leave you details on the discord channel in the contributor profile tab?
Thanks and see you there!

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Hi I would like to ask for a Project reward for the Varda project for june, we are willing to rebuild our schedule for launching the founders’ NFT staves on the 30th of July, based on the support from Paras for a Drop on their platform.

We already have some NFTs on sale to fund our project on paras at this link, two of them have already sold and the rest of them will guarantee to be eligible for an airdrop in $near during the Paras drop.

Varda will be a card a videogame on Viking symbols, each NFT released for the game will have the option of being played on the game of staked on our validators and the Meta pool Luquidity pool, reachable using the narwallet (which we are planning to implement with an NFT viewer for ALL NEAR NFTs).
We target a public of gamers and NFT investors.

The Fouders’ staves will be on sale on Paras to promote and fund the game development from July to september, then the game will be out with a selected number of artists.

We ask 180 near funds to be able to hire one influencer and one copyrighter from the selected art niche of symbology and viking art for sponsoring the july drop and rebuild the website copy.

The Video and contents aready published for Varda this month are listed below:


Budget is intended to boost the Varda project into the online community and culture it refers to in order for artists and game players to get involved.
main targets are:
Freya Norling norse witches youtube channel with 27.000 subscribers using the nine worlds tier of her patreon, to be visible to her youtube community and engage in her facebook closed group 115$ each month.

Lars Sparby book review blog with 600 followers and 40 paying supporters to review books (one each month) about protection symbols and mythology as a reference to use for the first collabs with artists and to spread word about graldrastafir.
(Lars has already made the music for our game, and is involved in closed group communities on symbols reading and history) 100$ each month.

This month we have also updated our website and are still updating it with the new Vault section fo NFT unlockable content.

Impact on near ecosystem:

The money from the forst NFT paras drop INVESTORS on july will be devoted to NEAR blockchain nodes using staking mechanisms.
The Collaboratin with the Meta Pool project and social token will lead the narwallet (one of the official wallets of near) to be able to display all NFTs from the near blockchain.
The New Varda Vault section of the website will enable all content creators from near to connect unlockable content to their NFTs on EVERY NFT PLATFORM of the near ecosystem, and is gonna be used for a bounty of the OPgames bount about NEAR NFT
This will impact both the NFT ecosystem and the validators of the NEAR blockchain.


The ammount of videos in which Varda will be present each month on youtube will be at least 4 with a potential of 180.000 views plus interaction in the private communities mentioned.

We didn’t deliver the near’org article we planned because the development is slow due to the many collaborations for which we are working on the same code, it must be compatible with all af them!
The total blog posts articulated on the culture Varda leverages will be 1 book review each month plus 1 technical article on the blog, the one that we didn’t deliver thsi month; another one on the Varda website, both mentioning Sandbox.

These are all the other infos requested:

  • discord name: jilt#9087

  • forum name: jilt

  • name of activity: Varda - Tame the dragon

  • youtube, bookreview, posts on two blogs

  • 180 near on the previously mentioned recipients

  • We’d like this to become a rolling reward each month

*Under council revision

Recipient for fundings: jilt.near