[May 2021] Open Web Sandbox Rewards and Opportunities

Open Web Sandbox Full List of Rolling Rewards May 2021:

Below is a list of the rolling rewards for the Sandbox for the month of April and May. New rewards will be updated in the comments from projects within the Sandbox and transferred over to the Sandbox Discord Channel. For a list on how to post rewards and how to claim rewards please see the FAQ Thread:

Note: The list of rolling rewards posted below are largely inspirational. The list of opportunities is non exhaustive. This means that we want you to be creative and to feel free to create your own independent contributions or initiatives! We have only one request for it: It needs to bring value to the NEAR ecosystem!
Total Rewards Claimed End of Month: 2212,6 NEAR → link to the individual achievements: Sandbox End of Month Reward Claiming (May'21) - Google Sheets

Content Creation:

Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
NEAR Weekly Updates on Development Bridge / EVM / DevEx / Marketing / Community 8 NEAR Edited / Add Graphics / Video Option / Promote on Social Media 25 - 30 NEAR
NEAR Business Updates Break Down Projects Developing on NEAR and Discuss Their Future Potential in line with Metrics and Analytics 8 NEAR Edited / Interview with Team Member / Add Graphics / Video Option / Promote on Social Media 25 - 30 NEAR
NEAR Token and Price Analysis / Ecosystem Metrics and Analytics Technical / Fundamental / Staking 8 NEAR Edited / Video Option / Promoted on Social Media / YouTube (500 view bonus*) 25 - 30 NEAR
NEAR dApp Guides Create a Guide + Video Overview of a Project on NEAR: Paras, ZEST, Flux, Mintbase, Common Fund, etc. 8 NEAR Edited / Translated / Posted on Social Media / Shared in Project Chats 25 - 40 NEAR
New Partnerships on NEAR Do a complete writeup discussing a new partnership on NEAR and explain the new solution, how NEAR helps it, and what future opportunities it brings to the protocol. 8 NEAR. Contact the relevant project for a quote and review. Get the writeup edited, add images and design. Post on social media. Create a video explaining the significance of the project. 15 - 20 NEAR
Web3 Innovation and Development Provide an overview of a growing Web3 marketplace. Explain why NEAR is an accommodating L1 solution. 8 NEAR Edited / Interviewed / Video Option / Ecosystem Engagement on Feedback / Conversation Starter / Shared on social media 20 - 30 NEAR
Articles about NEAR Projects/Guidelines on how to interact with NEAR/NEAR Projects Do a complete writeup discussing (one of the) NEAR Projects. 8 NEAR Edited / Interview with Team Member / Add Graphics / Video Option / Promote on Social Media 25 - 30 NEAR


Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
Brainstorming Collections Brainstorm a meme to have someone design in detail 2 NEAR Brainstorm a collection pack of memes that builds off of each other - contact an artist and prove that it is being designed. 10 - 20 NEAR
Meme Design Design a Meme 3 NEAR Design a NEAR collection pack / Post on Social media consistently 20 - 30 NEAR


Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
Infographics and One Pagers Create an infographic for a project or a concept related to NEAR 4 NEAR Brainstorm a collection of infographics that builds off of each other/Re-Designing Existing Content to Be More Engaging 10 - 20 NEAR

Social Media NEAR Force:

Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
Twitter Create Account / Posting Updates / Comments / News 3 NEAR Creation Bonus Reach 50 - 100 - 200 - 500 - 1000 followers 20 - 50 - 80 - 100 NEAR
YouTube Create Account / Post Videos 3 NEAR Creation Bonus Subscribers / Video Views / Multiple Videos (5 - 10 - 15 +) - i.e. launch a successful channel. 50 - 60 NEAR
Shill the Sandbox on Twitter Post Rewards / Opportunities / Events / and Awesomeness from the Sandbox 5 NEAR if the total amount of likes and retweets per week exceeds 50. Gain 100 - 200 - 500 - 1000 followers for your shill account. 20 - 50 - 80 - 100 NEAR

NEAR Wallet Support Group:

Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
Wallet Support Join the Wallet Support Group and Actively Engage with Questions from Token Holders 1 NEAR Stay active in the group for 1 month / 2 months / 6 months / 1 year 10 - 20 NEAR
Content Tutorial Videos Create a video or piece of content going over how to fix a common wallet problem including setting up a new wallet/account, and transferring from an Exchange to a NEAR Wallet. 5 NEAR Promote on Social Media / Add Images / Write a Tutorial / Share as reference in chat over time 15 - 25 NEAR

Content Translation and Subtitles:

Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
Translating A Piece of Content Translate a blog or piece of content into another language. 5 NEAR Work with social media, guilds, and other NEAR communities to translate content for specific audiences. Provide Data and metrics on the success of the content. 10 - 15 NEAR
Translating a Piece of NEAR Documentation Translate the entire document of NEAR documentation into another language 10 NEAR Have that document posted by to a community that speaks that relevant language. Have it listed on the NEAR website. 10 NEAR
Adding Subtitles To A Video or Talk From NEAR Core Create Subtitles for a talk, presentation or town hall from NEAR core and have it implemented into the Townhall. 8 NEAR Share the video with a relevant community, on social media. 10 NEAR
Translating NEAR Web Materials and Developer Materials Translate NEAR Wallet information, or another relevant Developer Document for new devs speaking other languages. 8 NEAR Share that document with a developer community in that language and demonstrate engagement with the document over time 10 NEAR

Sandbox Referral Program:

Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
Bringing People to The Sandbox Bring Someone Into Sandbox 3 NEAR Recruit Earns More Than 30 NEAR in a month 10 NEAR(One Time)
Bringing Developers to NEAR Academy Bring a Developer to NEAR Academy 5 NEAR Developer Completes Academy and Becomes NEAR Certified 20 NEAR(One Time)
Bringing New Projects Into the Sandbox Bring a new project building on the NEAR Ecosystem into the NEAR Sandbox 10 NEAR Project Requests Budget and Uses Budget for Further Tasks in the Ecosystem Consistently Over 3 Month Span 20 NEAR (one time)

Vectors and Outreach:

Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
Outreach to Universities Host an event or present on NEAR to a University 5 NEAR Set up a recurring meeting with a university on exploring and discovering opportunities with NEAR 20 -50 NEAR (One Time After Multiple Meetings)
Outreach to Professors Set Up A Public Event with the Professor on a topic relating to NEAR / The Open Web / A Specific Industry 5 NEAR Host a series of thematic panels / debates / interviews with more than one professor 20 - 50 NEAR
Outreach to Other Projects in Crypto Setup a Panel Discussing NEAR in relation to another crypto project 5 NEAR Host a series of thematic panels / debates / interviews with more than one professor 20 - 50 NEAR
Outreach to Private Organizations Public Discussion / Panel with a private company on adopting NEAR based ecosystem solutions or the future of Web3. 5 NEAR Host a series of thematic panels / debates / interviews with more than one company 20 - 50 NEAR
Create a Vector for Future NEAR Development Mirror a Vector off of 4NTS Vector strategy including design and format. 10 NEAR Use the Vector to set up more than 1 event. 25 NEAR

Sandbox Moderators (Max 5 for First 2 months = 2 spaces left):

Focus Area Final Reward
Moderation of the Sandbox: Answering Questions, Directing New Projects and Users 40 NEAR Per Month
Moderation of the Sandbox: Copying over new tasks and spotlights from the Governance Forum. 40 NEAR Per Month

Stars Guild (To be launched soon):

Focus Area Act Reward Series Final Reward
Contacting Influencer/Partner Adding info to spreadsheet: account info, stats (subs and views), name, mail and other contacts, and sent personalised proposal to them. 1 NEAR
Positive contact Helping with content and script, provide work details, additional content/event/project promo with NEAR (means also colab with other NEAR Guilds and Marketing Guild to be synced 15 NEAR
Lost/Unsuccessful contact Sometimes it happens that all the work is almost done but something goes wrong due to the external reasons. Effort was given but not result from influencer / partner. 5 NEAR

Hi I would like to ask for a Project reward for the Varda project for may, we are willing to rebuild our schedule for launching the founders’ NFT staves on July, based on the support from Paras for a Drop on their platform.
We already have some NFTs on sale to fund our project on paras at this link, two of them have already sold and one is scheduled for launching this week during the Rare Effect event.
Varda will be a card a videogame on Viking symbols, each NFT released for the game will have the option of being played on the game of staked on a forming list of validators, we target a public of gamers and NFT investors.
The Fouders’ staves will be on sale to promote and fund the game development from July to september, when the game will be out with a selected number of artists.

We ask 180 near funds to be able to hire one influencer and one copyrighter from the selected art niche of symbology and viking art for sponsoring the july drop and rebuild the website copy.

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This is a video explanation of the cultural side of the project (for onboarding artists) I did for a metaverse nft art event:

Visit in the metaverse

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Hi as requested to finalise the Request for funding Varda:

Budget is intended to boost the Varda project into the online community and culture it refers to in order for artists and game players to get involved.
main targets are:
Jackson Crawford youtube channel with more than 160.000 subscribers for historical proved references, using the 10$/month tier of his patreon to interact with his community and be referenced at the end of his videos.
Freya Norling norse witches youtube channel with 27.000 subscribers using the nine worlds tier of her patreon, to be visible to her youtube community and engage in her facebook closed group 115$ each month.
Lars Sparby book review blog with 600 followers and 40 paying supporters to review books (one each month) about protection symbols and mythology as a reference to use for the first collabs with artists and to spread word about graldrastafir. (Lars has already made the music for our game, and is involved in closed group communities on symbols reading and history) 100$ each month.
With remaining funds and fund raised using our NFTs we plan to pay Maria Shen, a tech savvy copywriter who works for Electriccapital to update the website copy, write for the near.org blog and reach a wider audience of investors.

On stage 1 we wish to sell on paras high value NFTs to get in touch with high value investors on the Near NFT world and let them stake their investments on selected near validators nodes to improve the network (July).
On stage 2 we wish to engage a gaming community connected with the nordic mythology communities online, leveraging their culture in a socially inclusive and healthy way (as described in the Freya videos like this one) and involving them in 2 play to earn mechanics, the smart stake token mechanics that leverages near validators nodes and farming mechanics similar to the ones used in berryclub.io.
The two steps are built to raise a group on NFT investors on the Near ecosystem resembling the ones that invested in the gods unchained mythic cards and to develop a community with high identity values.

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jusdao is building a social Media and community-led project


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Impact on near ecosystem:

The money from the forst NFT paras drop INVESTORS on july will be devoted to NEAR blockchain nodes using staking mechanisms.
This will impact both the NFT ecosystem and the validators of the NEAR blockchain.


The ammount of videos in which Varda will be present each month on youtube will be at least 4 with a potential of 180.000 views plus interaction in the private communities mentioned.

The total blog posts articulated on the culture Varda leverages will be 1 book review each month plus 1 technical article on the near.org blog and one on the Varda website, both mentioning Sandbox.

Hope this one is clear to you.

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