Community Squad Weekly Update: 14 June 2021

Hi NEARverse!

We are happy to report on key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. There are so many exciting updates to share!

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Let us know any feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Last Week:

This week:


Last Week:

  • Open Web Sandbox co-leadership discussions with @Sofia_Alum & party planning (to be continued this week) with @jlwaugh @starpause also
  • Guild Leader introduction meetings with @jcatnear (to be continued) to meet more community members & to gauge where further support is required!
  • Team CRM software transition planning & discussion
  • Guilds Playbook Draft (v.0) upload to new GitBook and sourcing edits and feedback in preparation for public posting by the end of the month

This Week:

  • Working with @chloe to promote the “Way of the [Creatives] DAO” to assist with the set-up of the remaining 4 DAO verticals: Marketing DAO, Education DAO, Privacy DAO, and Earners DAO - these verticals will help to streamline rewards for Guild contributors.
  • Following-up on the previous week’s meetings: @minting-music @Tako
  • Talking about Open Web Sandbox’s Marketing Plan with @Sofia_Alum @Grace @jake
  • Shipping the new CRM Copper and leading the MarCom team through our work session focused on its integration into team work flows
  • Transferring team resources within Typeform
  • Going over the Contributor Playbook Draft by @jlwaugh and providing any feedback on Gitbook (also planning on posting for public feedback and contributions starting at the end of the month)
  • First Sandbox Party on Fri. June 18th @ 5-6pm CET on the Sandbox Discord and EVERYONE IS WELCOME! :partying_face: There will be music, NEAR Community Project shilling (sign up here for your 1-min slot), a NFT giveaway AND a goodie bag!

Last week:

  • published “NEAR Community Fund” wiki + proposal template
  • reported hackathon metrics and shared insights / learnings
  • conducted survey involving hackathon participants
  • integrated feedback on general Contributor Playbook and project coordination system
  • supported OWS by organizing NFT drops for the party this Friday

This week:

  • finalize rough draft of a “Contributor Playbook”
    • add section for “NEAR Ambassadors” and potential moderators
  • publish recap of the Open Web Hackathon
  • coordinate NFT drops in OWS Discord via CollabLand, plus goodie bags!
  • review draft of “Guilds Playbook” and share feedback
  • collaborate on plans for a Governance Research Group, led by Token Engineering Academy
    • topic ~ How should community funds be allocated?
  • discuss ideas re: skill-based roles, profiles / portfolios, badges, and social tokens
  • create diagram of the support system for any projects in our community

Last week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • India accelerator workshops and meetups series- 2 meetups done over the weekend
  • Japan community meetup on 10th June- 1.5 hour meetup with 45+ sign ups and 40+ attendees
  • Playbook
  • Edu+ community sync w/ JC, Chloe and Sherif
  • Lis Node project planning & strategy work w/ Chloe and Grace
  • Guild sprint w/ Rebecca
  • Hiring
  • Sandbox relaunch
  • NEAR India monthly call, projects, strategy and next steps.
  • Contributor onboarding calls for NEAR Nepal

This week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • India accelerator- 130+ startups registered. Registrations closing on 20th June! One more meetup this week.
  • Edu+ community sync w/ JC, Chloe and Sherif- remove roadblocks and facilitate community contribution towards education. Possibilities of EDU DAO
  • Commsor meeting to discuss projects and integrations.
  • Human guild meeting with Sasha- focus verticals, project support and community building support.
  • NEAR Vietnam strategy and opportunities meeting with Riley- education, nearcrowd etc.
  • Guild rewards
  • 1-1s
  • Hiring + interviews
  • Playbook review
  • RU Community strategy sync with Vadim, Yulian and SashaB.

Hello #weekly-updates here we come!

This week’s theme is Objectives and Key Results :stuck_out_tongue:

Q2 review and Q3 targets are now in motion, I am hoping to share all this next week.

Planning cool stuff with #mintbase for #wilderversed the first NFT festival is happening in Europe16-19 July. To get started register here wilderverse-registration and NEAR rewards

Along the same vibes we are also jamming with #creatives:minting-music for music festivals, more to come when we have a concrete plan and I can share specific dates.

Finally, really excited with the OW Sandbox Re-launch Party! :partying_face: if you are a Guild leader or member who want to introduce the Guild at the party, make sure to register here for you 1 min pitch! :point_up:


Last Week

  • #CreatorsandCommunities Hackathon
    • Metrics wrap up
      • Mix panel showed that most people arrived at Sputnik via Discord
      • Most people linked directly into the 2 most active DAOs (Createbase and NFT Onboarding)
      • NEAR Forum was 5th most popular inbound (I thought it would be first since the two are intended to support each other hand in hand).
    • Establish weekly office hours
  • SputnikDAO
    • v2 smart contract mainnet testing
    • Technical Design Doc for slim server
  • CommunityOS

This Week


Guess who’s late to the party (again :woman_facepalming: ). The work just keeps coming in and I’m happy to be collaborating with everyone to get things done :muscle:

Last week:

  • Help identify key hires for Education Team
  • Meet with Sofia, James and Rebecca for Sandbox Development Plan + Relaunch Party
  • Meeting and sending emails to potential Community moderators
  • Meet with Guild leaders (with Rebecca) to further understand how the Community Squad can better support their efforts
  • Drafting personal roadmaps for tasks related to the Guilds and SM + Community Channels

This week

  • Propose getting community members and guilds involved in Educational content contributions

  • Continue interviewing moderator applicants and sending out test tasks

  • Work with MarComm team to iron out OKRs and roles

  • Exploring onboarding and rewards structure for the guilds

  • NEAR survey proposal to Grace

  • Sharing meeting notes, AMA, and Influencer workflows with the team

  • Working with @JMaenen on SM Playbooks (for internal and external use), maybe expand on strategy there as well