[ON HOLD] |muti.rec: funding of a studio session for musicians

Dear muti community-
The Tourorists second EP is well on its way and we are grateful, having fun, and excitement! However, the Lisbon studio where said EP was booked to be recorded on Nov. 27/28 two weeks ago has suddenly informed the band that “construction works are not finished yet” (“construction works??,” we said to ourselves…) and have asked to postpone the recording to “around Dec. 15” (“around?,” we further pondered…). And so, we are putting our heads together, both sending and expecting to receive good vibes only, hoping for the best while preparing alternatives, and figuring it out… We will keep the community posted with transparent updates (and new music) as soon as we know more (and have it).
Thank you all again!"


Hello Muti community, my name is Rio Carroll and I am a rap artist from Germany. Earlier this year I released my EP - Eucharestie - (links are shown below).
You more than welcome to listen :slight_smile:

About my request :
I would like to take advantage of the monthly studio booking.

My idea is to book the studio regularly. Mostly only on Saturdays for 2.5h because I work during the week. My suggestion is to work on the song during the week at home pre-record the whole thing and then do the final recording in the studio. If I don’t have a song by Thursday evening or Friday morning I will not book the studio, of course. The studio owner needs at least 24 hours notice to keep the date free. It is only about the room use ( 10 euro per h ) because I use my own equipment. I would be very grateful if you give me the opportunity to follow my passion as an artist. Thanks in advance.


Spotify : Spotify

Youtube : Rio Carroll - YouTube

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Hey @RioCarroll nice to meet you!
thanks for the intro to the project, it’s shaping up. I just have one or two suggestions from the muti side in terms of logistics and organisation.

What I would suggest we do is fund the equivalent of 10 hours of studio time for a 4 week period. This would be divided into 4 weekends of 2.5 hour sessions as you mentioned above. This is as a guideline of course and if things change, no problem. What we would ask is maybe that we could get one NFT for the muti store by the end of the project and that we would fund the first half before the start of the project and the second part on completion of the project. How does this sound?

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Hello everyone!

I’m Nacho, I’ve recently been introduced to this great community by friends (members of the muti council) - they have always been willing to support my work, and they’re doing it one more time :slight_smile:

I’m super excited to present you my proposal for January’s edition of muti.rec!

muti.rec: achoNacho EP recording

Project members:
Nacho Carrillo - achonacho.near
Tilly Pegrum
Emma Whallett
Joaquim DeBrito - shakalofi.near

**Funding Period:**January 2022


“Acho”: multi use expression used across all contexts and generations, meaning pretty much everything: it’s a sign of identity of Murcia (Spain) and its culture

achoNacho is the solo project of Nacho Carrillo, a Spanish composer and singer based in Lisbon.

Throughout his artistic life he has participated in various musical projects. However it wasn’t until he moved to Lisbon, where he was influenced by the dynamic artistic scene, that he started to play around the city with the songs that had been travelling with him. He found himself comfortable in a place where music and performance share the same importance.

In this first 5 tracks EP he mixes the sounds of old and new Spanish songwriters, Latin rhythms, warm melodies from here and there… some thoughts about time, life and love, while exploring the sounds of the guitar, its atmospheres and its intimacies.

This funding will go towards the costs involved in renting a studio for two days to record mix and master the EP, musicians fee (Emma Whallett on charge of flute and a third band member still to determine) as well as the artwork and design for the EP that will be created by Tilly Pegrum (link to her art below) / Emma and Tilly will be onboarded with a Near wallet.


$ 595 - Studio Rental EP package (Recording for three days + engineer + mixing and mastering)
$ 80 - Art work
$ 40 - Flautist
$ 60 - Percussionist

Total of 775 USD.

Little demo of some of the songs for the EP:

Tilly’s art

Thank very much for your time and welcoming me in this space! :dizzy:


Im a celebrity music producer in Nigeria which have produced the likes of OLAKIRA , DAVIDO, ZUCHU & LYTA. Coming to the NFTs space 4 months ago made me the first NFT producer in africa, i have over 13k followers on Ig @sterryoofficial I dropped my first NFT project 4 months ago CREATED CREATOR since i joined the space and dropped exclusive NFT projects, my colleagues have been wondering what magic NFT could make, now i want to start featuring influential celebrities here, making Exclusive NFT projects, creating NEAR wallet for them and on-boarding them into ecosystem making MUTI front-lining in the Nigerian music scene
i want this project to have been ready by 30 DECEMBER 2021 and minted

Project Members,

First i wanna do 4 tracks EP featuring MATANGA AND LARKIM

Thanks for supporting my dreams in making afrobeats NFTs and on-boarding Nigerian celebrities

ill be needing a total sum $600 to carry out this project

Studio Booking OGIDI STUDIO, LAGOS $100
Production $200 (for 2 artistes)
Guitar $50
Sax $50
Mixing & Mastering $100
Artwork $50
Wellfare $50

Wallet : sterryo.near

Hey @sterryo , looks like you’ve got a proposal along the same lines over with the NxM DAO also, can you clarify the difference in the two projects? Thanks!


Hi, the difference here is in NxM DAO I want to (Produce the musicians myself in a digital studio, And mint their NFT in NxM store where there is gonna be a split between us.

But In MUTi, we are recording live music with live bands in live music studio, that’s why I included the OGIDI studio up there in multiple, it’s gonna be a multiple band here which has a different AfroBeats taste.
Thank you @ted.Iv


Ill be looking forward to hear from you, if you understand this project yet. thank you so much @ted.iv


@sterryo ok, thanks for clarifying. Happy to say that this project is approved for the December budget. We will let you know when you can request the payout!


@ted.iv thanks you so much, i feel glad about this. this project is one i feel good carrying out! cant wait for the payout to kickstart the project! :raised_hands:#creatives:muti-dao


Hey @ted.iv and the Muti community,
first of all - thanks a lot for this opportunity. Regarding of the NFT, i´m down with that - for the muti store - for sure. But the thing is, its just a recording session not the final song. That means it also has to be mixed and mastered. But when the songs mixed and mastere - I´m more than down for the NFT.
That you split it in 2 half, for me that is totally fine. Still - thanks for the opportunity :slight_smile:
Sounds good for you guys ?

Rio Carroll


@RioCarroll thanks for the reply!
Ok, sounds good. As for the mixing and mastering, that’s no problem. There is no rush, once the timeline is clear on it.
The split in the muti store will be as it always is, 75% to the artist, 25% to muti :slight_smile:

consider this approved for the December budget. We will let you know when you can draw down the funds via our astrodao!


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Great! I´m ready to rumble :slight_smile: let me know when I can start to book the studio :slight_smile:
Obrigadooooooo :slight_smile:


hi @ted.iv , @tabear pls wanna know when its possible for me to request for the first payout of the project, so we can kick start already, thank you.

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Hey @sterryo you can go ahead and request the first part of payout here to the value of 33N.

@RioCarroll you can also request the first part of your funding (8N) in the muti astrodao.



thank you so much, @ted.iv done now. waiting for the voting :slightly_smiling_face:


Dear Muti,

Maree Lawn is creating a 4 track ‘homecoming’ EP and is seeking funding for the period of February 2022, to support the creation process, cost of photo shoot and design for the album cover and costs of mixing/mastering of the works.

The album will be a culmination of 5 years in Portugal, plus a 6 month tour around New Zealand, a returning home after many years away. An insight into the internal life and trip around her home country.


  • links to your music/portfolio:

After finishing a jazz degree in Wellington, Feilding born Shannon Lawn took off on an epic adventure around the world, a quest that has so far lasted over 9 years.
She has discovered worlds within worlds of sound, across musical traditions such as Cambodian folk music, bulgarian vocal folk, experimental electronic music production, chanting, jazz, experimental pop, hiphop, spoken word poetry, appalachian folk and more and has experienced sound with artists such as Bob Rakalam Moses, Georgia-Anne Muldrow, Mined Music, Inquérito, :Papercutz and more.
Her solo project, Maree Lawn, is an autobiographical sound exploration into her inner world, reminiscent of various music’s such as triphop, neo soul, jazz, dark experimental electrónica, coloured by her vocal expression which ranges from sweet and delicate to dark and ferocious.

Previous releases:

YouTube channel:

  • participating artists & nearnames

Producer, vocalist, composer: Maree Lawn mareelawn.near
Emgineering: Tom Cosm

  • studio space

home studio of legend ableton ninja Tom Cosm Tom Cosm - Wikipedia

  • time line

December - track play and brianstorm; beat, vocal, lyrical, musical rough structure outlined
January - Tracks completed for performance and production completed. Test performance of some or all tracks at Twisted Frequency festival, Takaka 2022 and Muti livestream and more.
February - Final recording at home studio of Tom Cosm and mixing and mastering. Photo shoot and album artwork designed and completed. Project ready for release.

  • requested value & distribution in usd

4 tracks creation (composition, vocal and instrumental recording, production, studio space, eating hehe) - $350
Studio and engineering - $200
Photoshoot and art works - €150

Total of 700usd.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope you’ll consider my work worthy of support and funding. Big love from NZ!

Please let me know if any of this needs reworking! I hope it is sufficient

Maree Lawn


Hey, hey @Mareelawn !

Thanks for the proposal. It’s looking great so far.
We’re still working through our budget for January and getting all of this sorted but this proposal is on the todo list for the muti council to chat through… In the meantime, here are a few small request:

  • could Tom Cosm be onboarded and paid in NEAR as part of this proposal?
  • With many of the muti recs so far we’ve made some sort of NFT for the muti mintbase store to represent the project. It can be super simple or the full release… up to you really! would this be possible to add in to the project?

Thanks again :slight_smile:


@sterryo all files received and we will mint via the muti store in the coming days.
In the meantime you can go ahead and request the second part of the funding 300 DAI through our astrodao here.. At the time of the budget we converted the NEAR to DAI to keep it in the ecosystem but hold it’s value to pay out the artists.


thank ypu so much, im gonna do right away… i look forward to onboarding people to muti and working with them right away!