[Proposal] Music Video for AchoNacho

Hello all!

My name is Emmet and I am one of the 4 people behind @gardencollective Profile - gardencollective - NEAR Forum). Over the last 5 years I have been the main videographer (along with nillynoon.near) for Garden Collective and have worked on several music videos in that time. Ranging from live performances (Gardening With… Foggy) to scripted story driven narratives (Loafing Hero // Darkening Flame & Automatic Blue - ASHTRAY (Music Video)).

We are very excited to be releasing Nacho Carrillo’s first ep achoNacho this year on Garden Collective with the help of muti.rec. With the EP already in the mastering phase we now move our attention to the first single from it - La Senda. For this we intend to create a flowing and musically guided piece to accompany the story that Nacho has laid out in his lyrics.

The shoot will take 2 days and will be shot in the beautiful setting of Costa da Caparica in Lisbon, Portugal over the course of a weekend (19th and 20th of March).

([ON HOLD] |muti.rec: funding of a studio session for musicians - #34 by achoNacho)

NFT series

A series of NFT’s will be minted post shoot. They will be created by Eden, who will first shoot stills on a film camera, scan the photos to make digital copies then mint them creating a series of NFT’s to coincide with the launch of the video. These will be minted in Garden’s mintbase store.

People Involved:

Artist: Nacho Carrillo (achonacho.near)

Videographer: Emmet Coleman/Eden Flaherty (senhorsantos.near & edenf.near)

Editor: Emmet Coleman/Eden Flaherty (senhorsantos.near & edenf.near)


  • Shooting will take place over the course of a weekend (19th and 20th of March 2022)

  • Edit will begin the following week and will be completed by the 3rd of April.

At this time there is no set date for the release of the video, but it will be over the course of the summer coinciding with the release of the EP.

Breakdown of costs (USD):

  • Production of video (shooting): $375

  • Editing of video: $300

  • Food, transport: $75

  • Film cost - $20

Total - $770 (50% now and 50% upon completion of the piece)


Video has been shot and is awaiting editing :slight_smile:


The music video has been completed. We are just waiting on the final mix of the track and it will be 100% B-)


The NFT series has now been minted and is on the Garden Collective Mintbase store: Garden Collective on Mintbase

Excited for the release of the EP!!

@achoNacho @senhorsantos

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