[ON HOLD] |muti.rec: funding of a studio session for musicians

muti loves music and to listen to EPs, LPs and Cassettes.

Therefore muti DAO will support a studio session for 1-2 days on a monthly basis so that the artist does not need to worry about anything but the composition and creation itself.

The funds are supposed to be used for the studio costs, sound engineer, artwork of the release (if applicable) and a payment for the artist as well as administration of the project.

From each recording one NFT in the muti store will be minted and the NFT & artist will receive exposure through all the muti social media channels.

Through this program more artists and studio holders will be funded through, onboarded and introduced to the NEAR ecosystem and its possibilities, the world of NFTs will be explored.

Each month the value will be decided depending on the nature of the project (number of musicians, rental fee, amount of recorded songs).

This program is meant to support the artist(s) to cover the following costs:
Studio Rental
Sound Engineer
Production & Mastering
Artist Fee & Associated Costs
Guidance/Onboarding of all involved/social media promotion through muti channels

Obviously if the studio rent is higher or no artwork would be needed etc., the amounts can be distributed differently, this serves only as a rough guide for orientation but can be adjusted to the needs then.

Half of the amount will be paid out in the beginning of the project to get it started and to pay the studio etc., the remaining half will be paid out after completion of the recording and the final mint of the NFT.

To apply for this opportunity, please comment this post and add

  • links to your music/portfolio
  • participating artists & nearnames
  • studio space
  • time line
  • requested value & distribution

The council will then leave a comment and decide upon the infos given

UPDATE: Project on hold for the month of March. It will return after, new post TBA


Sweet sweet…I can’t wait to book a studio session with Muti :nerd_face:we can cover the making of the NFTs and still have it as unlockable :tada::partying_face:

Hey @tabear as per the October Muti rec. i proposed for, below are the details and costs:

October 2021 Muti rec.session

Project members

Dedeukwu ( dedeukwu.near )

SterryO ( sterryo.near )

Larkim ( larkim.near )

Emmanuel ( Trumpet man)

Avid ( mravid.near )


5 tracks EP

Expressing the cool side off my sound DEDEUKWU for global understanding of my Afribo culture and Metaverse party.


Sound Engineer = $150 / 22 N

Guitarist = $80 / 12 N

Saxophonist = $50 / 8 N

Artworks = $100 / 14 N

Studio photography = $50 / 8 N

Female / male Vocalist = $120 / 18 N

Drummer = $70 / 10 N

Total budget of 90 N / $600


Great! September one is already booked, let’s talk about when you are available to do it in the TG group :slight_smile:



muti.rec: Shaka’s Lofi Experience EP recording

Project members:
Joaquim DeBrito - shakalofi.near
Eddie Ivers - tediv.near
Mark Waldron-Hyden - mwhyden.near

Funding Period: September 2021


Shaka’s lo-fi Experience is the solo musical project of Joaquim de Brito aka Shaka which blends the traditional sounds of the berimbau with a modern infusion of rock n’roll and psychedelia ambience, in a first of its kind sound experiment. The project was born in Seattle (2013) as a homage to two musical masters from two very different fields, Naná Vasconcelos and Jimi Hendrix, and is now being raised in Lisbon as an ever evolving experience.

This funding will go towards the costs involved in renting a studio for two days to record the EP with sound engineer Eddie Ivers (tediv.near) and producer/sound-artist Mark-Waldron Hyden as well as the artwork and design for the EP that will be created by Joaquim and Eddie.

One excerpt from the EP will be made available as an NFT accompanied by the artwork via the mutidao store once released.

Joaquim de Brito: aka Shaka
Musican and visual artist, based in Lisbon and from Lisbon

Mark Waldron-Hyden:
Musician, producer and experimental sound-artist from Cork, Ireland and now based in Lisbon.

Eddie Ivers:
Sound technician, musician and graphic artist originally from Cork and residing in Lisbon for the past 5 years. Co-founder and Sound technician for Garden Collective: -https://agardencollective.org/

40 NEAR - Studio Rental
40 NEAR - Sound Engineer
60 NEAR - Production & Mastering
60 NEAR - Artist Fee & Associated Costs
20 NEAR - Artwork/Design

40N Guidance muti

Requested amount: 260 NEAR


Cool,i will be down for October if it’s not booked yet for Muti recording session


Update on muti.rec: Shaka’s Lofi Experience EP recording

We have the studio booked for Sunday 5th of September.
We will be recording in Scratch Built Studios and have a 12 hour slot to record 4 tracks.

Requesting the initial 130N payout so that we can pay for the studio and organise equipment.



Thank you for the update! Please go ahead sending the payout proposal of 130N to our DAO & happy recording!!


muti.rec: Shaka’s Lofi Experience EP recording


Just posting a further update on this. We spent the full 12 hours in the studio on Sunday and it went really well. We got a total of 6 tracks recorded plus poetry layers, overdubs and ambient sounds. All the ingredients for an exciting release from Shaka’s Lo-fi Experience (shakalofi.near).

Mark Waldron-Hyden (mwhyden.near) is now starting the process of the mixing and mastering of the tracks which he is planning to have finished by the start of October. In the meantime, myself and Shaka will be working on the accompanying artwork to the release and planning the NFT segment of the project.

Thanks again!


Feel free to post updates such as artwork once done so the next payout can be requested :slight_smile:


for oktober stay bullish!

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Hey @Dedeukwu,

Thank you for elaborating!
Due to the transition from N to USD we are restructuring our budget and are happy to see that the value that we had in mind for October actually fits to your request.

We’re happy to support this session in October with 600 USD for this month, you can take the “muti guidance/150 USD” out, as you are already familiar with the space and as the budget this month is a bit restricted due to the other projects. We’ll still do social media promotion ofc. :slight_smile:

Do you already have a timeline for the project?


Hey @tabear pretty cool,I will start the drum percussion and lyrics work this weekend if that’s okay by Muti :blush:
Okay then I’ll take the Muti guidance out thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey :slight_smile:
Please wait for us to confirm the first payout to guarantee that the work can be rewarded. We will submit our monthly budget by the end of this week and once it is approved we will let you know :slight_smile:

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It’s alright…. I’m anticipating on that.:pray::purple_heart:


Great initiative! Is there a specific store these projects will be minted on? I’ve been thinking about how and if it makes sense to include a % that returns to the respective DAO (thinking ala NxM here) from any sales generated by the the NFTs. It would be good to start thinking about how to become more self-sufficient as inevitably this funding will not last forever (at least that’s what I’ve been told!).

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Heya :slight_smile:

Currently we are doing this, as the funding is provided through the muti DAO. Self-sustainability is on our list as well and we are considering adjusting the values so that the DAO eventually will become self-sustainable. But muti is open for collabs :slight_smile:


Funding is in, feel free to request the amount of 300 USD to kickstart your session. The remaining 300 USD will be paid out once the session has finished & the NFT has been minted in the muti mintbase store :slight_smile:

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Awesome, I’ll do that and get back to you :purple_heart:

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@tabear i just asked for payout of 39 N with the current rate from COINGECKO for $300 in the SputnikDAO

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