[On hold] community growth/brand expansion/onboarding to ubuntu photography fellowship

We are writing this proposal to describe the growth of our community on NEAR since joining. We are a group of passionate creative photographers, photo artists, and style models who have decided to pitch on NEAR. Our introduction is properly described in the link provided:

We aim to use the power of creative and fine art photography as the bedrock for building our community with a focus on helping young creative photographers become NFT artists by onboarding and educating them. We are collaborating with NEAR Dapp Genadrop.io, and we plan to leverage this Dapp’s suitability to our mission to create a marketing campaign. Genadrop.io is a suitable Dapp as it allows for the easy minting of photographs taken with a phone camera, thus enabling us to onboard young creative photographers who might not be able to afford a professional camera but capture amazing photos with their high-resolution smartphone camera.

We aim to build a community of passionate creative photographers who are enthusiastic about the buzz of NFTs and want to be a part of the web3 tsunami. These young photographers would love to sell their pictorial photographers as NFTs. However, this doesn’t happen overnight, and this is where the P.D photography community serves a purpose to educate these young photographers on what it takes to be an NFT artist. We have created guides and published materials to that effect.

We plan to use the affordability of the NEAR blockchain with genadrop.io to empower these young photographers on their NFT journey. We would engage the simplicity of the Genadrop.io Dapp to publish their smartphone-curated photographs and use the NEAR community platforms to help them build reputation, at the same time growing our community and engaging NEAR Technology.

We would execute our community expansion intention using two avenues:

  1. An effective social media campaign
  2. One-on-one engagement with creative students in educational and Photography institutions

We would actualize our social media campaign by targeting a specific demographic of photography and photo artists using paid posts on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. We would use simple banners and animations with enticing catch lines that interact with the target audience at two points of interest and value. We would also incentivize community members for completing three tasks by opening a bounty for NEAR community members to engage in a series of reposts of the promotional materials.

These banners would circulate as incentivized reposts on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Below are our current traction on social media, and we use this combination as it is the most marketable combination for the swift delivery of our content. The Ubuntu Photography Fellowship is bound by the abstract poetry we create through images, and this beauty, of course, can only be created through genuine passion. The desire to expand our community is something that community members currently prioritize because they see the future of what we are building

The incentivized retweet/repost strategy would give so much traction to our community, especially through Instagram, where there exist tons of young people who are aligned with our desire and would want to make a go at selling through web3.

Through Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok posts that engage, we would post banners, presentations, and quick reels that would detail Genadrop.io. Mint photographs from your camera application directly marketing context.

The other arm of the project is to approach local institutions like university campuses to interact and, through referrals from the population of students, scout creative photographers and onboard them into the community by educating them about web3, NFTs through the NEAR Blockchain, and how they can grow their reputation within the NEAR community as NFT artists. For this demography, we plan to poach them with a guide on how they can become successful NFT artists with their craft. To do this, we would onboard them into the community by promising them materials which they would need to actualize their desire. We have these materials, and one of them is that which we published below:

NFTs deconstructed article:

We would also strive to do some marketing campaigns for our community members who have already minted on NEAR. We would like to do this so as to help our community members who have just joined and are enthusiastic about our community to have the opportunity to showcase their art to their friends, fans, and the photography community at large. This we see as morale boosters to fuel their enthusiasm by giving them the feeling that their art is being advertised, hence growing their career in the web3 space.

We are going to be marketing these minted photographs from our pre-existing community members:

  1. Love has no fear by @enyinnaya Love Has No Fear - Paras

  2. Yearning for mother nature by @Jayflex_pictures The Young shall Grow - Paras

  3. Nuance by @123 https://paras.id/collection/nuance-by-123near

We would use the incentivized retweet/repost bounty to also promote these works.

EVALUATION Success of this project would be evaluated by the expansion evident in our community after fulfilling this project. I see a 1000 percent increase in the number of our community members.

Our community currently numbers 19 on Telegram, 33 on Instagram, and we are surely going to witness an organic influx of genuine enthusiasts with this marketing campaign. We are banking on this campaign wholly because of its organic nature of marketing. We are bringing the commodity to the doorstep of the demand.

DISSEMINATION We would be creating digital materials in the context of as listed above with the center focus of the campaign being genadrop.io as a quick portal of transition to web3 because of the ease of minting straight from your phone. It is around this media context that we would surround various catchphrases and graphics on the Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok platforms through sponsored posts and sponsored reels.

Also, using the incentivized retweet/repost.

For the one-on-one campus networking, we would arrange meetups through WhatsApp status influencing by having interacted with some folk who are a student already to share with their peers.

Budget Digital Banner creation 7 variants ($10 each x 7) = $70 USD in NEAR
Bounty for incentivization of reposts/retweets ($5 x 30 community members) = $150 USD in NEAR
Bounty for marketing campaign arrangement and coordination: $50

Total:$270 USD in NEAR

Grow community to 100 members and above
Increase number of GENADROP.IO users by “mint from your phone” ad inscriptions
Delegate community roles to increased members of community
Organic increase in community socials

Hey @thecreator – thanks for the proposal. I want to note the reasonable/relatively low amount requested for this proposal. That said, we still need the proposal to address the guidelines we have for funding and show how the project will meet them through this initiative.

Also, note that paid ads on social are currently outside the scope of what the MarketingDAO can fund. Based on this feedback, can you revise the proposal?

Also, note that the creative/photography-based nature of this project may make it a better fit for the Creative DAO.



Some error has occured due to my trying to grammatically correct the original proposal, i would find a way to revert to the previous response to this question, but also i am hoping that you got my previous correct response

Hello, thank you for your proposal. Could you please keep in touch with Gena drop team and get their approval for the proposal? Thanks

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Thanks for your proposal,

Couple of questions:

  • Have you considered applying through Creatives DAO?
  • Have you considered other pieces of the tech stack on NEAR such as Keypom or Shard.dog?

I personally like to see the intersection of creative communities and the tech stack and app ecosystem on NEAR. Would first like to get a better understanding of the key players and how we may be able to leverage them all.

The administration of Genadrop.io is by Minority Programmers, i have reached out in their discord and am in communication with a member of their team. All details will be shared here as soon as that is concluded.


Thank you for your response.

I will answer your questions

The Ubuntu Photography Fellowship is a new community on NEAR. We have not received funding so far but ave participated in some sensitization and education campaigns for our community.
We have been in the creative calls and have learnt about their regulations, their hard cap and all, we have submitted a budget request of $1400 and we are awaiting an approval. At the same time we are interested in organically building our community while on NEAR and after reading the Marketing DAO guidelines we thought it woud energize our community to expand through onboarding more creative photographers

As a new community, we are coming into cognizance with the various techs available, and we can only learn at pur pace. Part of that is choosing the tech that is applicable to our expression. And ths makes employ the use of Paras, Near social and genadrop.io

We are a new community and still learning and we are making sure that everyone is carried along

On my research, i discovered that keypom.xyz is a very good tool for onboarding and i agree that we can use it to do drops for community members who enage in the bounties… and concerning shard.dog i must afmit i do not really uderstand much of how to connect it with keypom.xyz to create near names. I see some developer terms like rest API and i wouldnt want to involve myself since am only just an artist.

Would be glad if you can help us with that. Thanks…

Also do you have twitter? My twitter handle is not showing properly here because of the underscores are a functoon of this forum’s formatting code… but you can share yours if you deem… i would like to follow you

Here is the conversation had with a representative of genadrop.io saying it is approved and willing to share brand materials for promotion

@enyinnaya is the one in charge of our socials

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In trying to edit the original proposal to meet grammatical standards i made a little bit of mess up there but its okay now i guess

This is an excellent use case of our dApp (Genadrop) and a unique avenue to get exposure for NEAR dApps. We approve and will certainly promote on our side.

Best regards, Peter Ledum Prince (Asst. Business and Ecosystem Development Minority Programs | Genadrop)

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Thanks. We would expecting Genadrop brand materials soon enough as we discussed.

Tagging @marketingdao-council

Hi, thanks for your response

The project aligns with the marketing DAO guidelines by its being a social media campaign to push a community’s content for the sole sake of community expansion and onboarding into NEAR

The proposal has been revised to a community retweet/repost inceptive which even puts the community at an advantage to promote the posts and earn.

It is also not a creative project but a marketing project for a NEAR community and a NEAR Dapp

Happy to support! Have a great week.

Hi @thecreator thanks for your proposal. Also happy to support.

Hi @thecreator thanks for the proposal and answering the questions. I can support this. Here are my reasons:

  • You’re collaborating/cross-promoting another NEAR dApp as part of this proposal, and I am generally more likely to support initiatives that positively affect as many players in the ecosystem as possible through their activities. This is a step in that direction.
  • This is very early stage, and we often ask proposers who are just getting started to prove out the concept, show some traction/audience engagement and come back to us for support when you can demonstrate that. In this case, I am making an exception to that because of the community support and support/endorsement from Genadrop.io
  • The amount requested is reasonable, in my opinion, for the work.

Happy to support – please submit a report to show progress before requesting future funding. Thanks! Moving this to approved.

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Please advise on the procedure to payout. Thanks

You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO 1.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction 1.

How create a poll on Astro DAO?

Thanks i think i did just as instricted

Here is the poll,

tagging @marketingdao-council

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