On-chain governance forums vs off-chain ones

:thinking: Let me inquiry the grounds and the reasoning behind having an off-chain Governance Forum for NEAR. While I do see a tendency towards off-chain community and DAO tools, off-chain solutions are centralised and hence may be seen as going against such core values of blockchain as transparency and decentralisation.

Appreciate some thoughts on this matter :wink:

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Hi @isonar I’m curious about your statement that off-chain governance is centralised and on-chain governance is not. Can you elaborate a bit? I ask this because there are many possible models for on-chain and off-chain governance, and I don’t see things in that regard as black-and-white as you stated. Thanks!

Hi! My question was more about Forum engine, rather than about the larger Governance facilities. Speaking about Forum engines, there are many off-the-shelf ones, like Discourse. I love Discourse personally, it’s so rich in functionality and cool features. But it’s off-chain, which means if one cracks down on it, the communication between DAO members may struggle from disruptions. Additional investment is required to setup a high availability infra that is capable of standing DDoS attacks. Other DAOs, like Joystream, have got on-chain home-grown Forum engines, which are usually very basic in terms of features (and laggy!), but it’s technically much harder to take such discussion platforms down due to their distributed nature.