On-Chain Community Operations (OCCO) Introduction

Hello NEARians, Jose from the concierge team. Here I present a brief presentation of the new On-chain Comunity Ops team (former Guild ops team).

Back story

NF redefined the Guilds Operation team due to many changes made inside the NEAR ecosystem related to funding, guilds, and communities. The main goal is to be more community-driven without leaving aside the fantastic support the NF has brought to the ecosystem, which has been part of its great success.

Previous Projects:

Guilds Dashboard:

The Guilds dashboard project has been under the care of the team since the start of 2022 where it gets updated on a weekly basis using up-to-date numbers and details from Guilds. The Guilds dashboard provides at a glance all guilds data and numbers from an off-chain, socials perspective.

Guilds Directory

The Guilds directory is a sub-section of the NEAR official website (Find, Join, or Start a Guild on NEAR) which lists out some of the Guilds in the near ecosystem - the Guilds ops team worked closely to ensure that majority of the Guilds details (logos, guild bio) was pushed to the ecosystem map GitHub repository.

Guilds ops bi-weekly reports:

Due to the changes to the Guilds program, guilds-ops activities - including supporting the introductions of new guilds, guilds office hours coordinations, etc - were put on hold pending the revamp of the program. That said, here is the last report by the Guilds-Ops team: [Report - February] Guild Ops - Concierge Team

New direction

Current Goals:

  • Connect the NEAR foundation with the different communities and groups to improve interactions and ecosystem growth.
  • Evaluate and define different community types to help connect and promote collaborations within the ecosystem.
  • Work closely with the Community DAO to help improve and execute collective decisions within the community, future funding process, and education on governance through DAOs.
  • Study and gather information from communities to better understand needs and integrations with the NF.
  • Support and improve communications between communities inside the ecosystem and connect them with the corresponding vertical/project.
  • Onboard new communities and improve the communities establishment process to help them better define their role inside the ecosystem.


In general, the main goal of the OCCO team is to evaluate, promote, leverage, and support communities (projects, regional groups, and on-chain communities) by providing dedicated management on specific topics and redirecting to a person or group that can help generate value and enhance operations.

Other important activities:

  • Contacting and onboarding new groups/communities.
  • Community success evaluation.
  • Community growth promotion.
  • Data analysis for process optimization (onboarding, connections, management)
  • Promote report generation and transparency.
  • Help generate a thriving community-driven ecosystem.
  • Generate a database of groups and types of communities.
  • Inform and interact with communities (projects, regional groups, and guilds)
  • Follow up on community activities.


Creating and Growing your community in the NEARverse is simple and permissionless so if you want to start your community today then please feel free to connect with us by doing a direct message to any of us @Jloc @jiten123321 @simeon4real here in the governance forum.

Telegram: Jiten @iforbusiness2, Jloc @jloc_NEAR, and Simeon @Simeon4real

Discord: Jiten |#1825, josel | NEAR#2233, and Simeon#8769

Or can fill out this form to set up a call with us.

Thanks, Love from OCCO team.

Also special thanks to the @community-team for helping in the OCCO establishment and making this possible. :heartbeat:


Finally, the wait comes to an end now we can call ourselves On-chain community Ops! :wink:
A big shout-out to @jcatnear and @mecsbecs.