Community Team Mid-Q4 Check In - read for info on Nov payouts

As part of the Community Team and NEAR Foundation’s November reset, we’ve been assessing our team’s goals for the final quarter of 2021.

In brief, here’s an overview of the initiatives we’ve had cooking that are in progress:

Community Onboarding:

  • Building a 24/7 Concierge Service Initiative so everyone entering the community feels welcomed - community moderators are already at work and the program is growing
  • NEAR Wiki Development - get ready for Docusaurus and more content
  • NEAR Governance Forum Revamp - plugins and next steps to come
  • Guilds onboarding & Community onboarding aligned with NEAR ecosystem onboarding - much more on this to come by the end of quarter thanks to the work we’re doing with awesome consultants to bring the whole vision together and then to life
    • Guilds Program Survey - this quarter’s check in with you to see what changes you’d like to see for your Guilds program and to know we’re doing; there’s still time to get in your feedback!

Community Development & Support:

  • Hosting Guild Office Hours - the first happened on Nov. 19 and the next is set for Dec. 3
  • Global NEAR Meetups - 5 pilot NEAR my City meetups supported by the end of the year - more info and details for organizers to come next week
  • Simplifying the Guilds Funding Process, as part of ‘starting again’ - new Guilds Grant Program structure to be introduced in Dec. / @grace will share the details next week
  • Creation of Need-Based Guilds: Design, Tokenomics, Research - full introductions set to appear on the Forum soon if not already up
  • Supporting the Governauts Research Initiative as this cross-chain group works to present thoughts on reward systems for DAOs

Internal Team Process:

  • Internal project management process (with a focus on marketing requests from the community)
  • Transitioning the team from to emails - please bear in mind that should you try and contact any of us by email, we will lose access to our emails at the end of the year
  • Considering next steps for the Community DAO & Ecosystem Development DAO, DAO legal compliance, and revisions in payout processes to minimize high risk liability for all

Our Team has also been delighted this quarter to be a part of:

  • A very successful NEARCON
  • Supporting ~50 Guilds to get on Astro DAO - we’re steps closer to getting our entire community on-chain

For more detail on the Community Team’s OKR progress, and for a video walk-through with the team (dated 19 Nov 2021), click here. Access passcode for the meeting recording is: NEAR2021!

Community Payouts for November

We have moved to Astro DAO! Please do not post payout proposals to the CommunitySquad DAO on SputnikDAO v1 as we have moved over to the more user-friendly Astro.

If your Guild or project previously posted to the CommunitySquad DAO or Knights of Gondor DAO for payouts, then please post to the Ecosystem Development DAO for your November payout after the Forum proposal post has received sufficient online discussion and therefore implicit community approval.*

If as part of your payout you are citing work completed on behalf of a NEAR ecosystem project, be sure to secure feedback from those projects by asking them to fill out this form. We want to know more about how Guilds and projects are working together and supporting each other - and about the kind of work contributors are doing in the wider community - so we appreciate you adding this to your payout requests and reports.

The Marketing DAO and Creatives DAO are encouraged to continue to field proposals to their respective Astro DAOs. Please refer to their funding guides for more information.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment below or reach out to the NEAR Community Team (@communitysquad) here on the Forum.

*Sufficient offline discussion on the Forum meaning there are no more comments on the post to be addressed and the community has had time to respond to the contents of the proposal and receive clarification.