Nym.exchange - Grantee Update 2

Hello NEAR Family!

We’ve been quiet, but have some exciting updates to share!

Nym.exchange – the NEAR account auction & registrar project – is getting closer to a public alpha test! The core contracts are fully functional, we have been focusing on a 100% trustless setup for account transfers, not a simple achievement! Initial testing shows the auction process only needs 2 transactions to guarantee a fair & trustless escrowed account.

The past couple weeks we spent setting up a mainnet archive node, and have begun indexing all the data we need for creating the best UX possible.

The final phase of this build is now in progress, meaning there will be a fun alpha for testing very soon! We will be launching the website nym.exchange in the coming weeks… Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Progress Report:

  • Nym indexer: Built & in testing - Could be used or merged into main codebase
  • Contracts built:
    • transfer owner: Done
    • deed: Done
    • escrow: Done, finishing unit tests
    • registrar: Finishing blind auction logic & unit tests
    • simulation tests - started
  • Website: Started, scheduled to make large progress this week

Next Steps:

  • Finish registrar contract, and all tests
  • Deploy contracts to testnet, begin “live” testing
  • Finish website
  • Begin marketing

If you want to work on this project or help with marketing, testing, etc – please DM me!

Nym :heart: YOU!