Cron.Near - Grantee Update 2

Hello NEAR Devs!

I’m back with another exciting update on the progress of cron.near – the decentralized transaction scheduling project!

Before diving deep into the details, we have a small Branding change, cron.near will be called “CronCat”!

The past month has been focussed on heavy development of rust contracts, tooling and initial website. It has been a blast to experiment with getting the whole system running as one cohesive product. The biggest challenge remaining is finalizing the economic model and documentation. Upon completion of these, we will be reaching out to the community for extensive testing and beginning integrations with other near projects!

Progress Report:

Next Steps:

  • Finish all code tests & simulation tests
  • Deploy to testnet, instantiating for several use cases: validators, auctions, subscriptions
  • Begin marketing & Dev Rel
  • Build documentation site

If you are interested in what we’re doing, please DM me:

  1. Would you like to integrate CRON into your dApp?
  2. Would you like to help buidl or help run the croncat agents?

Until next time, stay awesome :slight_smile: :heart: CRONCAT


Love the cron cat! :cat:
Thanks for the update. @jlwaugh anyone from the opensourcery guild who can possibly help @hodlr with testing or running agents etc?

@blaze perhaps someone from OSA can help?



I’m certain OSA would have no issue – The agent is built to be simpler than running a node, such that anyone with a little CLI knowledge can do.
Documentation is coming on this as well, we’re hoping to lower the barrier to entry on earning NEAR.

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Love that! This is also in fact one of the core goals fo the Human Guild( cc @sashahudzilin

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