Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-07-19

Brief Summary

  • NEAR is at ETHCC. Stop by our booth!
  • NEAR Inc decided to run our own RPC service and unify all developer-facing tools into a single product;
  • External contributor, @zcstarr , led a multitoken standard discussion. It is great that community members are taking the lead on designing core NEAR components!
  • Wallet has drastically improved its loading performance, including China region;
  • Nearcore v1.20.0 release to Mainnet was pushed to 2021-07-26;


  • Node Experience have updated the docs on different types of networks;
  • Node Experience has fixed and improved a number of Nayduck tests;
  • Developer Platform published near-api-js v.0.42.0;
  • Developer Platform are actively removing boilerplate from Rust SDK;
  • Wallet had two releases this week: 2021-07-13 and 2021-07-14;
  • @boatnear with the help from Developer Platform wrapped up his work on the Sandbox implementation and documentation. Now Developer Platform will start incorporating it into the contract testing framework;
  • Contract Runtime wrote a proposal for wasm32-based tests;
  • Contract Runtime also did lots of cleanups to VM tests, param estimator and also this, and replaced dependency on Wasmer 0.17 with wasmerparser;
  • Node Interfaces released Indexer v0.7.1 compatible with neacore v1.20.0;
  • Node Interfaces explored for auth of streaming system in Kafka;
  • Node Interfaces and @ailisp finished improving lockup contracts, also CI now updated Wasm files when code changes happen;
  • Node Interfaces, in general did lots of code and documentation improvements across our entire codebase;

Challenges and Blockers

  • We are still figuring out separation of responsibilities between NEAR Inc and NEAR Foundation when it comes to supporting projects in the ecosystem. We will be creating some guidelines, but very likely some conversations are going to be always recurrent especially around the projects that can be both viewed as pet projects and professionally maintained autonomous projects;
  • Runtime param estimator needs DevX improvement and it is blocking work of transaction runtime. @matklad and @Longarithm are stepping in to improve it;

Full Reports


Just to surface re: multi token standard, there there is NEP draft and implementation of it in Ref already.