NxM Update & More - June 2021

As we approach the end of June and gear up for July I’m jotting down all the things I’ve been doing for NxM from the point of the Hackathon kickoff on the 15th May 2021.

  • Grown the community to 211 members on Telegram
  • Onboarding & adding new members frequently
  • Helping members with their proposals
  • We created a Twitter account thanks to @Dedeukwu
  • Approved 21 payout proposals via the DAO
  • Added @zeitwarp, @Grace & @JMaenen to the DAO Council
  • Organized and ran 3 Community Calls on Airmeet (20th May + 3rd and 17th June)
  • Created an NxM Testimonial Form to get valuable feedback from our community!

Other Near related stuff:

  • Helped facilitate the Orrin launch and run the Redpacket giveaways, parcel build/rental
  • Performed for Wildeverse
  • Attending Createbase Calls and Twitter Spaces sessions
  • Set up Graffiti DAO and lined up launch of GraffBase via CAWA this coming 10th July with Malaysian crew STC
  • TYGS Beat Meet in full swing with DAO and Social Token + Liquidity Pool on Ref Finance
  • Rare Vandal project using Mintbase is in progress with 2 more weeks remaining. I’ve created a Social Token and Liquidity Pool on Ref Finance
  • Set up the DJ DAO to facilitate more Dj related NxM projects
  • Set up the Beat DAO to facilitate project for beat makers and producers via NxM
  • Helped out setting up the Drops DAO for the coming NxM DAOdrops season 2!

Thanks for this @vandal! This is an informative snapshot of all the activities you’ve been up to over the past month. When you submit your monthly NxM budget request to the Creatives DAO for July, please link to this post for context for NxM’s ongoing activities.

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