[December 2021] Catalyst project opportunity: participate in testing

Hi Everyone,

We are ending the year with a new project together with Catalyst.

Catalyst is a project that provides advancing tools for community growth and sustainable project management. As a platform Catalyst unites contributors and projects in a smooth and collaborative way.

Catalyst launched the testing of a new dApp in January.

In order to understand marketing/UX flows in more detail, we’d like to acquire user feedback from testers of the Catalyst app.

For the project we are looking for:

  • 2 community/project leaders who will go through the flow from the perspective of someone setting up a community
  • 2-3 contributors who will test the dApp from the perspective of someone joining and participating in a community

Skills that are required:

  • Experience in the data analysis
  • Background in application and project management is welcomed
  • Perfect written English
  • The test will require 1 - 2 hours of the contributor’s time

:fire: Reward: 20 USD :fire:

Deadline for the call: 03.01


I will participate in the testing …

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Hey, added you to the list as a user tester

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Count me in I alredy talk to you on telegram

Hello, i would also like to contribute.

I will like to help :cowboy_hat_face:

I would be happy to take part :wink:

I would like to participate in the tests :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello I am interested to participate.

I’d be happy to participate if people are needed!

I would like to participate on the testing side. Thank you

Interested! Could you dm for more detail?

Hi, i am interested.Thank you.

Hello, I will help in testing.

I would love to be a part if given an opportunity

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I would like to say thank you to people who participated in the project:
@AugustKinge - 200 USD (cryptomuse01.near)
@Wealth242 - 50 USD (Wealth1997.near)
@Albhion - 50 USD (shubham007.near)
@HackerZorro96 - 50 USD (willzo.near)
Please use this forum post link as the link to claim your reward (there is no need anymore to create a separate post)


Thanks @AnaNastya please how can we claim our prizes

You must create proposal on Astro dao Astro
using the link to this post


Thank you so much for this Opportunity @AnaNastya

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Hi, @AnaNastya

My proposal’s been running for hours now.

Here’s the link: