NFT infrastructure

Hello NDC and Community,

What I really think is that the NFT, within the Art marketplaces, is quite outdated, compared to the market in other blockchains.

I would like to contribute based on the use of NFTs as infrastructure.

Use NFTs, within dentistry, veterinary and medicine, with the layer of privacy in some exams.

It would be excellent to have all the exams in our NEAR wallet, starting with the Pets, that would not have problems with leaking information.

Anyone would like to run this project with fraDAO ?

PS: we are in contact with 3 consultancies, in the dental, orthomolecular medicine and veterinary areas.

@frado @PatriciaB and @Narau

Please, read.
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@Illuminfti check this please.
Thanks and welcome:)

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We actually built a soul bound protocol for things like this around identity, the issue with having this type of information is that it should not be transferable, there are ways to make it work with nfts but you should check out soul bound tech as your example is a perfect use case for it.

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