New Innovative tech that can help NEAR with developments!

Hello NEAR Community/Team

I work for ARC (, we are about to release a powerful piece of tech that will allow projects to accelerate developments massively and ultimately cut costs.

In short, the $ARC Reactor:

  • Ingests any codebase in less than a second
  • Displays it as a functional, editable series of diagrams
  • Highlights interdependencies
  • Allows users to audit, edit, build and ship the code from any chain to any chain with zero vendor lock-in

We have a 60 sec video illustrating what the tool does: PancakeSwap to Polygon Teaser | ARC Reactor - YouTube

I’ve been looking into NEAR and see you’re an EVM layer 1 and believe the REACTOR can help in many areas such as going multi-chain, auditing, building and to scale

We’re currently discussing early access with selected partners. Let me know if NEAR would be interested in a demo or catch-up with the team!


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Is it the ARC Protocol? I really love the solution

It’s our primary product at ARC - Reactor

@Defi_ARC on twitter or visit for more information!

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Sure, i will do that