2021-05-10 Engineering Update


If you are a team/person working on NEAR components and you want your progress updates to be included into the weekly update, please send your updates to eng-updates@near.org .


We are working really hard on preparing for a big announcement. Stay tuned, subscribe to Aurora twitter!


Node Interfaces

  • Please monitor updates like this one to make sure your indexer is up-to-date with neard releases!
  • Check out new nodes UI draft for the Explorer here!
  • We drafted a more detailed documentation on how lockup/vested balances work, see: one and two;

Contract Runtime


  • We have removed EVM commands from near-cli, since EVM will not need specialized tooling from NEAR going forward :slight_smile:
  • We got 11 PRs from @austinabell on his first week!
  • Check out video that covers storing blobs of data in a contract.

Transaction Runtime

  • We prepared fix and migration script for our miscounting storage usage.