NEARKISS.PET looking for Developer as teammate and help with some funds

Huge thanks for opening this post!

NEAR Stars Guild team has a pawny project to launch.

A breeze intro about NEARKISS.PET


You know or own the hottest cat, dog or rat on the block? She could definitely join NEARKISS.PET competition by putting pets best photo on the website to win a daily, weekly or/and monthly treasury auction, where boys and girls will upvote them using daily free votes or boost pet up by purchasing KISSes and entering secondary auction lotto.


Instagram is fulfilled with pets and their owners want to get them noticed by their friends and to monetize it some use paid partnership, some offer services like coaching or consultations, some lead to Patreon page.
To get something more from their pet account 100k subscribers pet owners can join NEARKISS.PET competition where it’s easy to enter a race by connecting their Insta account and NEAR KISS. After user uploads his pets best photo on account and gets a unique user ID link to share with her/his fans.
Fans entering the website and after completing a simple registry have a free daily vote to give for hundreds of girls of their choice.
Using blockchain website voting system stays always fresh and momentarily updated so that “ups and downs” give stimulus to act fast. If you want to get your kitty to the top you can purchase “KISSes” or pack of them, where each kiss has worth of 3 regular free votes, and every KISS is a lottery ticket which by the end of voting month will be used by smart-contract to choose lucky winners of the treasury.
Additionally, for each purchased KISS user gets a small amount of NEAR coins as cashback, since each profile will get a NEAR wallet to use for future needs or exchange for more KISSes or even becoming an altcoin later on to be used on RefFinance. So it’s a “win-win” opportunity for girls and their fans to enter into an interactive competition for pet (cat, dog or exotic one) of the month, pet of region or top by country depending on community and fan growth.

Our mission
To help NEAR Protocol reach mass adoption by onboarding non-crypto users.

Accelerating the mass adoption of crypto is a technological problem that can be solved by pushing the complexity of the underlying blockchain to the background and delivering decentralized products that anyone can use.

We believe that the future is NEAR and we want to bring as many non-crypto users to the NEAR Ecosystem as possible.

The average number of daily transactions on NEAR has risen to more than 300k. NEAR KISS PET is the next NEAR Crowd and will help us reach our goal of mass adoption.

Target audience
On one side are individual pet profiles with plenty of followers on Instagram or other social networks that want to join the race to get to the top. Aged 18-60 years.
From the other side, those are doggy fans who want to help their friends or beloved animals to win prizes and get a chance to win in lotto. 18-60 years old.


Stage 0
Stage of beta testing and platform creation using NEAR blockchain.
Website has to offer a simple login through instagram or facebook.
Users can simply add their pictures to their profile and select the best one to be shown on the top page with addable description and connections to social networks for more noticeability. Also profile trough blockchain will get one free vote per day and vote should be shown in their profile so as KISS votes whose worth is x3 than free vote.
For successful testing purposes simple usability of the registry, adding pictures and text to profile, profile ID and voting on top has to be implemented, so as the main landing page has to have a viewable top of registered users performing in competition.

Stage 1.
After successful beta testing payment gateways for VISA, Mastercard, Paypal and crypto has to be added. First users from NEAR community will be able to try out competition themselves. To make it more user friendly and fix bugs users will be shared with KISSes. After revaluation of work comes.

Stage 2
Launching project virally.

Begin with a massive marketing campaign using boosted instagram stories and relevant target audience from TikTok.
Project updates with fresh pictures of girls will be posted on NEAR KISS PET social media channels with attractive calls to join voting and lotto.
Complete first race giving TOP3 users bounty in NEAR coins and all winners of auction using smart contracts send their coins directly to their profiles wallet.
Goal for the first contest is to engage at least 100 pets and get 10’000 user votes distributed between competitors.

“Take it slowly” roadmap.

What marketing channels will be used?
As the main advertiser of the app will be the same pet owners that will be begging their fans to vote for them to get into TOP positions and win the monthly prize.
To get more noticed animal owners to enter competition needs to make a instagram post using #nearkisspet so that through instagram API profile gets verified and approved for entering race.
Explanatory videos to make each step clear for participation in the project.
If the project won’t grow like on east, Instagram influencers will be asked to join the competition directly.

How will NEAR benefit?
First of all it gets powered by NEAR protocol and the main partner has to be visible to everyone.
Each user gets his own NEAR wallet when opening an account. To stimulate usage of NEAR wallet small competition between free voters can be made. Still we believe that 10-20% of users will purchase KISSes and as cashback % of spent sum will be given to them in NEAR coins so they can interact with them and it’s the best active case usage to have.
Voting system and lotto will be working on NEAR blockchain so it’s cool to be a part of the ecosystem.
KISS coins can become a part of altcoin built on NEAR that can be added for swaps on RefFinance.

What do we need?
A) Friendly and skilled developer who wants to help us in concept creation with voting system, auction ticket purchases and user profile.
What can we offer to DEV?
Being a part of a core team = getting a fair cut from profits that auction will generate. Box of KISS coins on which website will be monetized on.

B) We will need some funding to create fancy videos and give a push on Instagram and TikTok. So those might be 5 videos for 200 USD per video to look spicy.
Some funding will be used for paid advertisement to our targeted audience on Instagram 2000 USD and Tiktok 2000 USD.

So for a shocking start after beta testing 5000 USD will be needed.

As a donator what will you get?
A fair slice of $KISS coins after the second milestone reaches when they are implemented in the system.
Furry NFTs of our project that later on can be resold on NEARKISS.PET

How can you help us?
If your a developer, write to me on TG @Zhunda sharing your past experience and our team will catch you for a call shortly.

If you want to help us with funding marketing expenses:
Share a coin, or two, or a million by sending it to our astro DAO wallet stars-guild.sputnik-dao.near
write in comments your NEAR wallet ID and put emoji of your favourite animal so we can add it to our list. Miauuu! :cat:

If you still feel enthusiastic about NEARKISS.PET and want to give other support. You are always welcome to join our furry team using your talents or give us a feedback right here in the post.


Great idea. I hope you will find help.