NEAR website - Guilds links removed?


I was just browsing through the Near website and noticed that there is no link to the Guilds page.

Is this on purpose or just that the links haven’t been updated or so?

Community – NEAR Protocol

Even the featured guilds - there are no links


I also saw that yesterday, maybe it’s bug or removed or on purpose.



The Guilds program has been deprecated for some time. It was a slow phase-out.

The NDC will now form the primary funding source for communities (by all means, anyone group is free to still refer to themselves as a Guild’

Hi David,

Thanks for the response.

So all the guilds have stopped functioning? or are there some that are still active even without receiving funding from Near?

Guilds are no longer a part of the NF Community Strategy. There are still plenty that function as they did.

@shreyas should be able to share more info

Ok great.

I think it would be beneficial then to continue to have a link to them on the official site

It was something that I found very appealing back in Jan 2022 when I first realised there were communities behind all these cryptocurrencies that you see on a CEX.

It was one of the reasons I decided to go and create a Near wallet when I saw there were all sorts of people from all over the world creating these mini communities to advance the goals and objectives of Near