Near Turkey last months report & future plans

Hi guys,

In this topic I am going to show you about what we did in the last 3 months for Near Protocol Turkey and also shortly sum up our future plans.

CoinNET website article sharing:
Near turkish self written organic articles and translations:

Twitter sharing
Shared Near articles on our Twitter account 8K+

Near Turkey Twitter Channel

Video sharing
Created Near related videos and shared on a 50K abonnements youtube channel

Our articles are also shared on a 15K+ Telegram group

Turkish Influencer

Near Turkish Telegram group
7/24 support from our admins in the turkish group:

Telegram marketing
|Sharing Near in +10K channels||10241 members||
|Sharing Near in +10K channels||10241 members||
|Sharing Near in a +5K channel||5000 members||
|Sharing Near in a +5K channel||5000 members||
|Sharing Near charts in community groups||10000 members||
|Sharing Near in a +15654 channel||15654 members||
|Sharing Near in a +15654 channel||15654 members||

Future plans:

  • As next we are planning to do an AMA session in one of our community group.
    for example here: Telegram: Contact @robincryptoo
  • Share all questions and answers on our website
  • Continue sharing articles
  • A NEAR banner will be added to our Homepage
  • Create further Near Protocol related tutorial videos and share on social media
  • Share Near in a well known turkish instagram channel + 1.6Million abonnements
  • Contest: Twitter contest to increase our Near Turkey Twitter followers
  • Giveaways

To sum up, we are continuesly supporting Near Turkey and always happy if you have any ideas about how we could it better or if you want to help us just contact me on Telegram or via email
Telegram: @cizi31

Best regards and stay safe!
Sezer-CoFounder CoinNET


Hey @cizi31 - this is really great to see what NEAR Turkey has been up to and what you’re considering for the future of the Guild, and it was lovely to meet you on our call earlier.

Do you have a kind of publication schedule for when and how many articles and tutorial videos you’d like to aim to share monthly?
For your Twitter contest and Giveaways, how many would you like to do over the next two-three months and what kind of prizes were you thinking of?

On our call earlier you mentioned you would be looking for assistance with designing that banner for your website homepage. If you’re considering creating a bounty to find a designer to help you with this, here’s a reference post from one of our larger creative Guilds, Createbase, if you wanted to post a bounty of your own. Depending on whether you’re just looking at the one design bounty or even creating a full visual identity for your Guild there are some other groups here who have set up posts you can reference as well if you quickly search through the Forum here.
Here if you have any questions as well!

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@alanborger could perhaps help with this. He’s in the process of starting a design guild. :slight_smile:


Hi there @mecsbecs, I’ve just created a new topic and discord server for our design guild, we’d be happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @mecsbecs

I am sending you our monthly activities:
4 articles / month
1 YouTube video / month

About giveaway we are thinking to distribute a Card Holder with Near Logo on it to 5 lucky persons who will Like / follow Near Turkey on Twitter
For an example please check the attached image

1 Twitter contest / month is good in my opinion
And 1 AMA Session in 2 months

For the Banner I’ve joined the Discord group as @alanborger mentioned
Thank you :slight_smile:

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