Near Turkey September / October 2021 report

Hi guys, In this topic I am going to show you about what we did in September and October for Near Protocol Turkey and also shortly sum up our future plans.

@satojandro @David_NEAR
2-3 weeks ago, we’ve talked about creating a Near Turkey DAO and you suggested us to focus on development firstly, for more details check here: [APPROVED] Sept 2021 Social Media Moderation budget for Near Turkey - CoinNET - #8 by satojandro
I found your opinion very positive and was looking for developers in Turkey. After a short time, I met @hexablock and he would be ready to start.
He has a total of 12 years of software experience and worked in enterprise blockchain projects for the last 3 years…
Please read here more about him: Near Turkey Developer
In the topic above, I want to talk about how we can start and how we can met with other Near Developers, for that I would need your help.

Near Turkey Twitter:
Mid september, we’ve started to grow our Near Turkey Twitter account.
As celebration we are giving away 5 card holders with a NEAR Logo.

The Twitter account got about 2,2k members in two weeks. our aim is to grow it to 5K soon.
We are continuesly doing marketing on 50-500K+ promoter and influencer accounts on Twitter.

Near Turkish community on Telegram is growing, we got new investors and more activity in the chat:

CoinNET website
We are continuesly sharing NEAR articles on our website in turkish language.
Google analytic stats in the last month:

1 New Council joined us.
in the next weeks I will look for more Councils

Our plan in the next two weeks:
Get in contact with NEAR developers, so that we know how we can start (as mentioned above)
Create a Youtube Video
Deliver the Near card holder to the winners.

I will add further activities / stats and let you updated in the comments…


Announced the winners of the Contest:

Blockchain Academy proposal: Near Turkey Blockchain Academy Proposal

CoinNET NEAR articles: near - CoinNET - Bitcoin Haberleri, Blockchain ve Kripto Para Haberleri

NEAR Twitter: