Near Turkey Guild Introduction

Hi Guys,

My name is Sezer, living in Austria. I am the Co-Founder of Coin-net, With my Team together I will represent Near to Turkey and support members in 3 languages: Turkish / German / English

our website:

We are representing crypto projects to Turkey by creating a

  • Turkish Telegram group
  • inviting our community members and investors
  • supporting in 3 languages (turkish, english, german)
  • translating unlimited articles and sharing on our website
  • sharing a Banner on our website
  • doing AMA sessions / Contests in the group
  • creating YT videos and sharing on a YT channel with +35K abonnements
  • doing reportage with influencers
    … we will focus on your needs and are open for any ideas

We guarantee an active TG group in a short time. That means we would have about 500-1k members in 1 month: Please check our existing Near Turkish Community group on Telegram: near_tr

On our website, people will read NEAR related articles and also self written organic articles about NEAR from us.
We are also active on other social Media Accounts (FB / Insta / Twitter)

  • coinnethaber

Articles will be also automatically shared in our +15 TG groups with over 10k members

Some of Our Community groups on telegram:

  • robintradee
  • coinnetcomtr
  • coinnetairdrop

Community Partners:

  • RespectTrade
    +10k community

Some of our references on Telegram

  • kavatr
  • cocostr
  • nexo_tr
  • sinovatetr
  • easyfitr
  • phorerproject_tr
  • TosdisTurkey

On our youtube channels, we can create/translate and share your videos

I am very happy to be here in the near community with you and I am very excited to see where our journey is going :slight_smile:

For any questions about our community, please contact me via:
Telegram: cizi31
Discord: ciizi31

Best Regards
Sezer - CoFounder Coin-net

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