NEAR Token Access Pass - Gate Content using NEAR Token


During the Createbase hackathon, we would like to develop a mechanism that allows anyone to gate content using a social token or NFT minted on NEAR. Token gating or access based on tokens enables creators to sell exclusive content and experiences. As a result, it generates greater demand for tokens as fans are more inclined to buy tokens to gain experiences only accessible to token holders.

The Value:

Unlocking content, anything from a video to a VR experience on a website, based on social token and NFT ownership, essentially turns social tokens and NFTs into token access passes. Token access passes enable creators greater financial returns and a more secure way to share their content while fans enjoy closer connections to a creator’s exclusive works.

For Creators

  • Creators sell their tokens or NFTs as “access passes” to exclusive experiences and content. They can drive up demand for their tokens or NFTs as fans receive more than just artwork.
  • Creators receive royalties if fans resell these tokens or NFTs to access content to other fans
  • Creators ensure a more secure way of sharing and selling content. Since blockchain tokens are harder to share than traditional authentication, they avoid the “Netflix leech problem” where a fan opens access to anyone through a password share.

For Fans

  • Fans can own multiple unique works of their favorite creators through ownership of a token or NFTs. Not only do they own an immutable token or NFT unique to their favorite creator, but they can also now own access to exclusive content and experiences.
  • Fans feel more engaged and part of the community now that they have options to utilize their tokens and NFTs.

Case Studies on NEAR

Through our user interviews with creators on NEAR, they find immediate value to a token gating system.

  • The NEAR team is looking to gate content and the Discord server to reward top contributors with exclusive content and communication channels.
  • Artists RenderedFlesh and LiminalLogic are looking to create access passes to multiple users to VR experiences and want to verify access through NFTs. We are partnering with them to gate their VR experience using their NFTs (and also social tokens).

How It Work and Implementation

Currently, the MintGate platform can gate access to web content of ERC-20 social tokens, and ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT tokens on 65 EVM compatible blockchains. We would like to achieve the same user flow as we currently have:

  1. Artists RenderedFlesh and LiminalLogic will create a VR experience using A-Frame for webXR and will host it on a regular website.
  2. They will access the MintGate platform, add the link to the VR experience, and add the NFT details on NEAR (including token id and amount) to token gate.
    1. They are currently planning to mint their NFT on MintBase.
  3. The MintGate platform will generate a new MintGate link with the NFT gating.
  4. Artists RenderedFlesh and LiminalLogic can send the MintGate link to anyone.
  5. Anyone who clicks on the MintGate link will be prompted to log into their NEAR account. If their NEAR account has the token, they will be directed to the web content with the original URL masked.
    1. Anyone who does not have enough tokens in their NEAR account will be sent to a page that states that they do not have enough tokens and outline details on how to buy the NFT on MintBase.

Stages of Work

Stage 1:

  • Research token standards on NEAR and identify parameters required to set up gating
  • Mint a still image on MintBase as an NFT and collecting the bounty reward
  • Mint a social token on NEAR
  • Purchase the NFT from the MintBase marketplace and showing it inside the NEAR wallet, Transfer a social token to a NEAR wallet
  • Research NEAR wallet connection
  • Test token gating with an HTML website built on A-
    Frame for webXR with our current system

Stage 2:

  • Create backend files that can conduct the token gate and checks
  • Add NEAR tokens and NFTs as options to gate on the frontend
  • Integrate the NEAR wallet into the current MintGate frontend

Stage 3:

  • Test gating RenderedFlesh and LiminalLogic’s website using an NFT minted on Mintbase


RenderedFlesh - renderedflesh.near
LiminalLogic - liminallogic.near
Jennifer, Jonathan, Luis, Simon - mintgate.near


Very clear and thought out proposal @jennifer_mintgate. Would love to have you submit a proposal for an Ideation Bounty with our Social Token DAO:


This is a great tool to have for creators and communities, together with CollabLand.

Looking forward to playing around with this!

@zavodil : sorry for the unannounced tag, and maybe for the unknowing question, but saw your work on similar topics, would it be possible to encrypt a key in the contract state, by using some primitive, without a server?


Will do that, thank you so much!

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What is the status of this proposal? Has the tokengate been implemented on NEAR? @jennifer_mintgate