NEAR <>SOL- Brief Customer Segmentation review

Zooming out, and comparing NEAR to Solana, what are the inherent differences between the targeted customers(or personas). Demographics, geographics, etc, and how do they both compare to ETH – My empirical observation is that each customer group shares many of the same commonalities, with NEAR better positioned to capture a younger demographic.
As I continue building on NEAR, I’m planning to begin conducting as many customers call as possible so that I can understand problems from the end-users perspective, rather than making assumptions or making decisions based on loosely defined logic. Going back to my original point now - Structurally, NEAR has an opportunity to activate, acquire and, retain both younger and older demographics due to the user-friendly nature of the network.
I see the continued growth of NEAR as being critical to our overall success at GalacticWay, so I hope to provide as much insight and open conversations about customer problems that people are currently solving.

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I can’t comment on the target for Solana as I’m not deeply familiar with their ecosystem or goals in the same way I am with NEAR.

At NEAR we’re working to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 which, essentially, makes the focus every internet user. You can consider the onboarding on the next 1 Billion users into the world of Web3 as the ‘north star’ that many of us are working toward.

This goal, the bridging of the Web2/3 world, really shines through when people get hands on with the protocol IMO. Not just from a developer POV, but particularly from a user POV.

From step one it’s already designed to be easier to user with human readable addresses and the ability to secure your wallet via email (despite it being a less secure option)