Content plan for NEAR Proposal!

NEAR Content Plan


Note: This is a content plan for NEAR and will feature most demos and NEAR DApps built by NEAR students, the processes and lessons learned in building DApps with NEAR (and a frontend framework i.e React.js).

Content Plan Title: Intro To NEAR Protocol

This is a 1-month plan aimed at introducing NEAR protocol to developers, blockchain enthusiasts and first timers who are curious about NEAR and how they can get started with it.


The purpose of a persona is to have a representation of the kind of people the content we are producing in this sprint is for.
Note: This persona is fictional and is not a real person

Persona name


Persona description

Sheddy is a blockchain developer with over 3+ years of building ethereum based applications. He is an avid reader of btc-wires which is one of the most popular blockchain blogs for all things blockchain. While scrolling through social media(Twitter) Sheddy came across the words NEAR Protocol which he has been seeing a lot of blockchain talk about. He’s interested in it and would like to learn more about it and how it can be valuable to him as a blockchain developer.


The goal of this plan is to make a content plan for developers like Sheddy that are curious about NEAR blockchain and want to know more about it. This content should be able to make the audience want to read more content from us.

The plan is to create a 1-month content schedule with new content weekly.

Why Weekly?
The point of releasing a single blog post per week is to make sure we give readers time to digest the content we have created and also to carry out proper distribution of the content.

Each week will consist of writing and publishing the blog post, figuring out the best method to distribute it further for more views, social media advertisement of that particular blog post, and also answering questions from the audience

Content Topics and Outlines

This is a list of content ideas that are important to cover in

Week Topic Outline
1 Intro to NEAR In this blog post I’ll talk about the core concept behind NEAR Protocol, its features and compatible stacks, case studies under NEAR, and how to get started. Content will feature demos from NEAR students with more features and a user interface that will be built with React.js
2 NEAR for ethereum/blockchain developers In this blog, I’ll do a comparison between NEAR and other chains. it’s important to make sure that the readers understand that NEAR is not ethereum and that you can build your own apps on NEAR.

I will talk about the experience of people and teams who migrated to NEAR and the benefits they’ve gotten and why NEAR might be more modern. Finally, I’d talk about existing issues that NEAR is fixing (contracts rewards, NEAR API REST Server, Instant transfer, and Sharded Scaling).
3 Migration from other chains to NEAR In this blog post, I’ll explain a series of steps to take when considering migrating to NEAR from other chains. I’ll also highlight Ethereum alternatives in the NEAR community to use including Aurora (this will lead to a follow-up blog post in the next week), possible errors that could be encountered and how to fix them.
4 Aurora is the Ethereum alternative of the future In this blog post, I’ll talk about how Aurora is a modern, faster, affordable alternative to Ethereum and how you can get started with it. I’ll also showcase a simple demo on how easy it is to use Aurora for building and deploying Ethereum compatible apps with your favorite languages, transfer tokens between Aurora and Ethereum.

Keywords to target when writing content

This is a list of keywords that should be in the blog post I’d write mainly for SEO benefits.

  • blockchain
  • NEAR
  • Ethereum alternative
  • Ethereum supplement
  • contracts reward
  • sharded scaling
  • Instant transfers
  • Ethereum-compatible network
  • Modern
  • Aurora
  • Affordable
  • Faster/Speed
  • Developer Experience
  • AssemblyScript
  • Rust etc

Differentiating Our Content from existing content on the internet

We’d need to be practical with content, by talking about real-world usage and benefits. we should also not aim to sell the idea of NEAR to the audience but focus on getting the audience to understand what NEAR is and the features that make it different. We should also give use user stories, this can include covers and technical content written based on communities that use NEAR, for example how company Y worked with NEAR and how they built their application with NEAR, how it improved things for them, its ease of use and problems they encountered.

Another way to do this is to have a different style of writing from existing content like using infographics in our content, gifs, etc. we should make reading fun for the audience and make our content very interactive.

Distribution Method


  • Generate interest from blockchain developers
  • Generate awareness
  • Extract engagement

To pick the right social media channels that help us reach our target audience and help promote our content.

As a first step, we need to measure our reach. Part of this is to set up a few channels and measure what we are able to achieve and then set gradually increasing limits and expanding our reach.

Steps to take

  • Create a content calendar. (1 month ahead, this is done)
  • Add annexes/appendices/follow up posts.
  • Drive traffic via Twitter (Company/personal).
  • Post information to relevant social media platforms.
  • Measure traffic and engagement from these efforts.
  • Identify any newsletters or 3rd party content aggregators with a large audience and share links there
  • Eat. Sleep. Recalibrate. Repeat.

The Overall spread of distribution channels

Immediate Medium Term Long Term
Medium Hackernoon 3rd-party content aggregators(bylines)
Twitter LinkedIn Company Blog
Reddit Company discourse


For this content plan, success can be based on the following:

  • Blog views and Clicks
  • Page views increase for the company’s website.
  • Positive comments on the Blog posts
  • Retweets and Positive Quoted tweets(Twitter)
  • Positive Feedback from the community in general
  • Reposts from the Community
  • Migration to NEAR (user stories)

Content Retrospective With Team

The purpose of this retrospective is for the general content and education team to talk about what they liked from the content produced, what they learned during the content production and after.

This can be weekly, based on the content released that week, and will be done at the end of each content week (typically Friday).

Links to deliverable: < link to the written blog post for the week goes here>


I love the whole project outline and ideas, really looking forward to the first article and series of them that would follow suit.


Beautiful. i love how detailed this is. more like a walk through practically breaking down every step and making it digestible. would love to see how this goes.


Thanks for this, @fortune – looks like a fine place to start for your first series of contributions.

Please go ahead with this and let’s stay connected throughout the process.

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Thank you @amgando I’d be releasing an outline for my first series today!


You can see an outline for the first article here

Wow @fortune, this is nice. I recently heard of NEAR from a friend, This will be a good series to learn about it, can’t wait for this series.


Awesome! Thanks for this Fortune. Looking forward to this series.

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Just wanted I needed thanks @fortune
Would love to see more

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Releasing the first draft of this series this week!

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