[ATTEND] Twitter Spaces - Developing on NEAR vs Solana - Hosted by Jump DeFi

Greetings from Trove Labs! We are the team behind @NEKO and we are currently developing the Jump DeFi platform. Trove Labs provides tokenomics and developing consultation services to other project teams in the NEAR ecosystem as well. We we will submit a formal introductory post soon!

We host Twitter Spaces on a weekly basis to update the community on roadmap progress and answer any questions. In an effort to increase the exposure of Jump DeFi, NEKO and other notable projects on NEAR, we are expanding our regular spaces into a larger series where we invite notable project teams to discuss important topics relevant to NEAR protocol and crypto in general. We will cover everything from decentralized finance, NFTs, Web3 entrepreneurship and more!

We would like to invite you all to our Twitter Spaces scheduled Wednesday 06/22 @ 6PM UTC. Our development partners are joining us to discuss developing on NEAR vs Solana, and why NEAR wins!

Spaces Link:

Jump DeFi will host Twitter Spaces with special guests Hack-a-Chain & House of Nephilim, to discuss building on NEAR vs other popular layer one protocols such as Solana or Ethereum.

Our goal is to draw in Solana users and educate them about the advantages of NEAR from a developers perspective.

David: Co-Founder of Trove Labs, CEO of NEKO and Jump DeFi. Former Project Manager with a background in Construction Engineering. Expert in Tokenomics and Decentralized Finance with experience consulting and engineering token economies.

Brandon: Co-Founder of Trove Labs, COO of NEKO and Jump DeFi. Former Laboratory Manager with extensive experience in scaling startup-business operations and web 3.0 business development. Expert at building talented teams while ensuring overall business efficiency and effectiveness.

Eric: Co-Founder of Nephilim; a Decentralized Freelancer Marketplace. Talented full stack developer with a Master’s of Computer Science from UOW College Australia. Years of experience with blockchain development and AI / automation.

Joao: Co-Founder and CTO of Hack-a-Chain, specialized web3 software development firm. Seasoned entrepreneur founded and exited vacation rental management startup Anfitrioes de Aluguel. João is an experienced developer and technical team manager focused on a business centric development approach.

Rafael: Co-Founder of Hack-a-Chain and head of business development and marketing.

This Twitter Spaces event “Developing on NEAR vs Solana (Why NEAR wins)” will take place on Wednesday 06/22/22 @ 6pm UTC. We will discuss the above topic with our guests for ~1 hour and close out with questions.

Expected Impact:
There is a saturation of crypto talk shows and spaces on the internet. A majority of these events lack any meaningful information, resources or discussions on the important aspects of creating a business in Web3. This new series of Twitter Spaces hosted by Jump DeFi delivers information and insights from experienced business and software developers designed for startup founders. Informative sessions like this impose a positive benefit on the NEAR ecosystem and encourage new creators to build and contribute to the thriving ecosystem that is NEAR protocol.

Additionally, we hope to attract a broader audience including Solana and Ethereum users who are interested in hearing why NEAR is a better blockchain to develop on.

We hope to see you at this Twitter Spaces! Please spread the word so we can get as much NEAR representation as possible :grinning:

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Hey, @TroveLabs You’ve done well to take this off the ground. I’d be joining the space on 22nd June to see how it goes. in the meantime, I wanted to point out that @Benz_Near do host “NEAR spaces”; should make sense to connect :slightly_smiling_face:.

QQ: Is it still the Neko team that makes NEAR-related videos on tiktok?

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Thanks for spreading out the word and explaining the mass why NEAR is above others :green_heart:

Would love to jump in the next space :white_check_mark:

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Hey Simeon,

I hope you were able to make it to our spaces today! It went very well :tada:

We have actually linked up with @Benz_Near before, we co-hosted an AMA in the NEAR Discord with him. :grinning: We would love to schedule another discussion with him soon!!!

Yes @NEKO is our NEAR content creation platform and we are hard at work making educational TikToks. Soon there will be a library of YouTube videos as well

Thank you to everyone that attended our Twitter Spaces today as we discussed NEAR Protocol vs Solana from a developer’s perspective!

66 people tuned in and we received great feedback on the topics that were discussed. If you were unable to make it to the Spaces event, feel free to listen to the recording via the link below! If you did attend, please feel free to give us any feedback or comments!

Take care NEAR Fam! See you all at the next spaces session :handshake: