Near Smart Events: No-code solution to listen and process on-chain events (Hackathon entry)

Hi guys! just wanted to have some feedback from the NEAR community.

Short video:
Tech video:

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Looks awesome!

I’d love to see something like this integrated with AstroDAO so we can keep up to date on actions performed within our DAOs.

As soon as a proposal is submitted, we’ll receive a notification in the form of x

Though I’m sure that’s scratching the surface of what it can do in regards to other calls when certain parameters are met!

Interesting, I’m not familiar with the dynamics of Astro, BUT, if those actions you mentioned are in some form in the NEAR indexer database, well it’s only a matter of creating a new block inside NSE that propagates the action as an event. Otherwise, NSE also serves incoming webhooks endpoints, that can listen for events/actions in Astro that consume those endpoints.

NSE is and uses only MIT license open source libraries, and from the gecko is designed to be easily embeddable. It does not depend on any frontend framework, and the backend engine is very light. Here’s the repo if you want to play with it: GitHub - domingosl/nse

NSE is also a contestant for this year’s NEAR hackathon, spam your colleagues if you liked it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: