Near protocol transaction finality

I am new here. I would like to know what the current transaction finality (blocks and time) for the Near protocol. The explorer shows an average block time of 1.2-1.3 seconds, there used to be a section on it on the wiki (transaction finality 3-120 blocks and 4-180 seconds), but it has been removed.
What are the current values?
Thank you


That document still exists on Learnnear -

Under normal circumstances, a block should be finalized after 3 blocks.


Thank you. I didn’t know anything about that. What is the difference between the wiki and this? Why was the document removed from the wiki?

There are several different information repos in the NEAR space, some of them are skewed to more technical questions and documentation.

Because the Wiki is moving to fulfil a more general-purpose role in the information architecture of the NEAR ecosystem.


do you have any news on the near finality? I can no longer find that page.