NEAR Protocol Roadmap 2023-4

hey everyone! Straight from the core protocol team at Pagoda, today we are sharing the updated protocol roadmap for NEAR presented by @Bowen - Head of Protocol.

We shared a quick thread on Twitter on this roadmap refresh, and the purpose behind the upcoming features - but to dive into the full details check out the two blogs below ↓.

After two years on mainnet, and with dozens of protocol upgrades live, it’s time to look forward into the next two phases of sharding and the complimentary features that’ll help make NEAR -and Web3- a frictionless experience for devs & users. From the road to Dynamic Resharding (Nightshade), to how we better onboard users with features like secp256r1 key support (to welcome mobile users more easily), or meta transactions and zero-balance accounts.

Twitter Space (AMA/Q&A) -Thursday - Nov 10th.

We’ll also be hosting an AMA and Q&A this Thursday at 1pm EST // 18PM UTC // 10AM PST on Twitter Spaces to go over the roadmap, discuss the potential of these upgrades, and answer any Q’s!

Protocol Roadmap - Core & Experience Upgrade Roadmap:

Refreshing the Vision Behind this Roadmap: