Update from NEAR Foundation

Hello from the Foundation, we thought we’d provide an update on what’s been happening in and around the Foundation last week, and what’s coming up.

What were we up to last week?

:point_right: NEAR’s Commitment to Communication - NEAR Foundation has always held transparency as one of its core beliefs. Being open to the community, investors, builders and creators is one of the core tenets of being a Web3 project. Here’s how we’re being more proactive in our communications.

:point_right: NEAR Protocol Roadmap 2023-4: The Next 2 Years of NEAR - Pagoda’s Bowen Wang published an outline of the next two years of evolving the NEAR Protocol and the technical priorities that NEAR believe will benefit builders and users the most. Check out what Pagoda is calling a “living document”, and be sure to make any suggestions or proposals on how the protocol should evolve.

:point_right: Binance Custody Adds $NEAR Token and NEP-141 - This week Binance Custody added the $NEAR Token and NEP–141 to its infrastructure, giving institutional users access to highly secure storage.

:point_right: SailGP Launches First Fan-Owned Team - The first fan-owned team launched on NEAR! Bernoulli I Locke’s member-based community is using NEAR’s Web3 technology to launch a fan-owned racing team in the SailGP international sailboat racing competition. To pull it off, they will use a DAO structure built on NEAR.

:point_right: NEAR now available on Wirex - Yup, Wirex is helping create yet more fiat on and off ramps for NEARians worldwide.

:point_right: FTX Events - NEAR Foundation has commented on the relationship between NEAR and FTX & Alameda in light of the current events here, as well as key information around FTX & Alameda’s holdings from backing NEAR here

What is the NEAR Foundation up to this week?

:point_right: Join us for an AMA - We’re going to be hosting regular AMAs so you can put your questions to the Foundation. Join us on November 17 on Twitter, submit your questions in advance by completing this form here.

:point_right: Emotional Support - Given the seriousness of events over the last week, the Foundation is working on how to support the community during this difficult period. More detail to follow.

:point_right: NEAR events - We’ll share what events the Foundation will be attending over the next few weeks so if you’re in the area, come and say hello!

As a starter:

:point_right: Nov 15-16 : BA Blockchain Summit in DC - @Mya Shofany attends together w/ @Chris Donovan and Mary Beth, where they’ll participate in Banquet Dinner and present an award to Senator Toomey.

:point_right: NEAR Data - the Foundation will be publishing weekly transparency reports looking at datasets connected with the Foundation. The first will be released on Friday.