NEAR Philippines

NEAR PH Guild Report (May 2021)

May 2021

Monthly Highlights:


  • Community growth is of utmost importance now with NEAR PH.
  • Our social media manager has already been oriented. She has already started engaging our targets.
  • The contents have already been readjusted to target the NFT community growth in the Philippines.
  • Next month, the videos are going to be more focused on tutoring the NFT community.

Total Social Media Stats
Youtube: 119 subscribers
Twitter: 324 subscribers
Facebook Page: 505 followers (493 page likers)
Facebook Group: 235 members
Medium: 82 total blogs

Blogs: 82 total
Minutes read: 756 (last 90 days)
Daily average visitors: 8 (90-day average)
Views: 1,657
Individual blog stats: views, reads, ratio, fans (see photo)

Twitter: 324 subscribers
608 impressions per day (see photo)
198 likes (see photo)
6 replies (see photo)
2.9% engagement rate (see photo)
103 link clicks (see photo)
56 retweets (see photo)

Youtube: 119 subscribers
Views: 216
Watch time : 6.7 hours
Impressions click through rate: 5.9%
Videos views stats (please see graph on the photo)

Minutes Viewed: 30
1-Minute Videos Views: 8
3-Second Video Views: 31
Video Engagement: 4
Net Followers: 29

Posts: 19
Comments: 0 Comments
Reactions: 13
Total Members: 71
Active Members: 14
Members Requests: 15

Telegram (NEAR CROWD): 282 members
Telegram (NFT artists) (NEAR Filipino Talents): 24 members
Facebook Messenger: 33 members


  • We had been chasing Chase Freo, of Outplay Games, for quite a while. Finally, he was featured on NEAR Philippines, promoting gaming opportunities to Filipinos.

Creative Titles:

* We still stick to the out-of-the-box combination of words as titles for our English Medium blogs. This approach gives the readers a bigger picture of how NEAR is related to their lives. 


* Tutorial videos like how to get started on Paras have been uploaded. 
  •   More tutorial videos for crypto neophytes are going to be made.

Social Media Management:

  • Facebook Page (356 followers [this is the baseline figure from here onwards])

*Twitter (262 followers [this is also the baseline from now on])


Ang DeFi sa NEAR ay Naririto na! (May 7)

Paglabas ng Aurora (May 19)

Ang Aurora ay naglulunsad sa NEAR Protocol (May 21)

Ang Mintbase ay inilulunsad sa NEAR na Paglalahad ng Mga Layunin ng NFT (May 25)

Written Article

ImmigraChain (May 4)

Fork, You Fine? Ouch! (May 6)

perMission Impossible (May 10)

Bear & Bull Markets Explained (May 19)

3…2…1…LIFTOFF!!! (May 24)

CHAINaissance (May 27)

The Benefits of Aurora (May 29)

Narrative-Filled Token (May 29)

The Aurora Roadmap (June 1)

Youtube Videos

Play-To-Earn or Filipinos | NEAR Protocol PH (May 8)

Paras Minting Tutorial | NEAR Protocol Philippines (May 20)

Learn NEAR Protocol and Web3 App in NEAR Academy | Chapter 1 (May 28)

Bakit Mas Maganda Mag Deploy sa Mintbase on top of NEAR Protocol? | NEAR Protocol Philippines (May 31)

Paras Update: NFT Drops | NEAR Protocol Philippines (May 29)
Paras Update: NFT Drops | NEAR Protocol Philippines - YouTube


OpenWeb Creators & Communities Hackathon (May 7)

Ito ang mga dahilan kung bakit Perpekto ang Layer 2 ng NEAR para sa ETH. (May 12)

Ito ang mga pangunahing mga tampok ng Aurora (May 23)

Aurora EVM + Trustless Bridge (May 25)


Hi @OrvardJam , I know we’ve been speaking separately but just to let you know that the team’s still going through all the rewards calculations for everyone, so we’ll hop on a call with you next week for updates!

Also, have you connected with @amgando ? I’m working with him to have a hub for all the education-related work that guilds are producing!

Let’s connect again soon :telephone_receiver:

Kamusta @OrvardJam

The amount and quality of your content is inspiring ! Filipinos are a force to be reckoned with!

We are just announcing a neighbor guild for Malaysia! Excited to be collaborating in the future to help advance NEAR in the SEA region !

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