NEAR Philippines Monthly Report (February 2021)

NEAR Protocol PH Monthly Report – February 2021

For the month of February, NEAR Protocol PH was able to establish a system that allowed us to publish content for NEAR on a regular basis on different social media platforms as well as dedicate some of our resources into reaching out to developers and individuals who might be interested in joining and building on the platform.

Here is our report summarizing all that we have accomplished in the last month.

Written Articles

Digital Revolution — How to Become Relevant (Feb 3)

Dynamic Solutions (Feb 3)

How NEAR Works — The Basics (Feb 4)

PARAS — an NFT trading card marketplace built on NEAR (Feb 14)

NEAR GRANTS PROGRAM: Things You Need To Know (Feb 15)

The Basics of Sharding (Feb 18)

Recognize the Limits of Current Tech Solutions (Feb 20)

Record Keeping — Centralized Vs. Decentralized (Feb 22)

Bitcoin Compared to City of Manila (Feb 23)

We Tend to Fear What We Don’t Understand (Feb 25)

Light Bulb, Electricity, Bitcoin, Blockchain. (Feb 25)

Translations (English to Filipino)

Ang Dragonfly Capital ay Sumali sa NEAR Validator Advisory Board (Feb 6)

Paano Gumagana Ang NEAR- Ang Mga Pangunahing Kaalaman (Feb 13)

Berry Club: Isang Masaya, Malikhaing Halimbawa ng isang DeFi Yield Farming App sa Blockchain ng NEAR. (Feb 21)

Berry Club Part II: Paano Gumagana Ang Berry Club Yield Farming App? (Feb 25)


Paras is building on NEAR for digital artists with NFTs. (Feb 7)

NEAR $3.69 (Feb 10)

ETH-NEAR Rainbow Bridge (Feb 12)

Happy Lunar New Year from NEAR Protocol Philippines (Feb 12)

Mintbase Made Minting NFTs Cheaper, Faster, Scalable, and Secure With NEAR (Feb 13)

Berry Club (Feb 21)

NEAR and The Graph Partnership (Feb 27)

YouTube Videos

The Evolution of Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 (Feb 6)

Opportunities in Tech for Filipinos | Paras x NEAR Protocol PH (Feb 10)

Why NEAR Protocol? | A Zoom Discussion (Feb 13)

Opportunities for Filipino Visual Artists (Feb 22)

NEAR & Ethereum | Which is Which? (Feb 25)

Social Media Growth


Our NEAR Twitter handle has seen a lot of good growth, going from less than 10 to 72 followers and counting.

Facebook: Facebook

NEAR’s Facebook page currently has more than 300 follows and likes.

YouTube: NEAR Protocol Philippines - YouTube

NEAR Protocol PH’s Youtube channel was created before February. The channel now has 14 subscribers and has published 6 videos within the span of a month.

The volume of interviews and video content that has been produced can still be redistributed throughout the year of 2021. Chase, the founder of OP Games, a blockchain platform on NEAR, will be interviewed 2 weeks into March.