NEAR Nft Club Guild Introduction

NEAR Nft Club aims to create an ecosystem for our NEAR NFT global community and enthusiasts to showcase their talents and build a bridge between the world and the NEAR NFT community through digital platforms.

NFTs as an Emerging Economy
Digital transformation has been the most feasible answer to economic weakness in scenarios of a pandemic and natural disasters and has regularised cash flow to sustain the lifestyle of many people. Unlike physical assets, digital assets are typically not lost during natural calamities.

The global adoption of NFTs from 2018 to 2021 has shown promising growth in terms of Market Capitalization, Smart Contracts, and Active Wallets. According to the reports in Q2 2021,

Active Wallets: 177 048
Buyers: 94 830
Sellers: 39 709
were observed. This shows the potential growth in the NFT space compared to Q2 2020 Report with Active Wallets: 40 220, Buyers: 17 217, Sellers: 10 924.

What we do?
We have started this club with the vision to create a single centralized platform to promote the activities of three segments.

Segment 1: NFT Enthusiasts
Here the posts about NFTs and different segments of NFTs will be published to create awareness on NFT segments like Art, Utility, Metaverse, Collectible, Game, and Sports happening on the different marketplaces on NEAR.
This segment will target to create awareness posts for the non-technical blockchain enthusiasts audience to understand and create NFTs.

Segment 2: NFT Marketplaces
This segment will cover the posts about the regular notifications and announcements from NEAR marketplaces in development or in an active state.

Segment 3: Artists and Collectors
This segment will promote Artists with their NFT work as well as showcase their journey as an NFT artist. In short, we intend to help tell stories about Artists on NEAR as they rise and grow in this new digital economy. The Artists will also be allowed to promote their digital art by NEAR Nft Club. Form Link
The purpose of this segment is to introduce the Collectors (Buyers) to our Artists, with a motivation that the Artists get paid well for their genuine work.

Connect with NEAR Nft Club
The NEAR Nft club welcomes all the experts and enthusiasts to explore the trending activities going on in the NEAR Nft community.
For all the latest updates get connected with our official social media channels.

Twitter: @NearNft
Instagram: @nearnft


Hello and welcome @NearNft! I’ve categorized this post under the Guilds subcategory and added some tags, including your own personalized “near-nft-club” one to help organize your posts moving forward, so it’s easier to find.

@riqi @caromintbase @nategeier @mattlockyer this Guild is looking to promote and simplify access to all NFT marketplaces on NEAR so tagging you here to help them start this conversation with you about what this could look like.


Thanks @mecsbecs. Will be looking forward to connect with all the dignitaries in NEAR Nft space.


Welcome to the ecosystem @NearNft ! This is yet again an excellent initiative. I am excited to see how @NearNft develops over time. If there is anything #s2-guild (Sankore 2.0) could assist you with, be sure to reach us out!

Good Job! :clap:t5:


Hi @Mazi! ,
Thanks for the offer and warm welcome.
Right now, we are in the networking and learning phase on the NEAR NFT ecosystem, once it’s done we will be exploring the artists and culture from different horizons.

At that time, we will be reaching out to #s2-guild (Sankore 2.0) for assistance.
atm, I really appreciate your offer!

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