NEAR Data Project Proposal - NEAR Pulse Dashboard

TO: Data Center DAO
This proposal is for the Data Center Team of the NEAR Protocol community

From: NEAR Pulse Dashboard

Dapp users and stakeholders are in need of an application that shows the current dapps available in the Near Ecosystem and how they are performing.

The NEAR Pulse project is in need of front-end development to create an updated user dashboard to shop relevant data about dapps on the NEAR protocol. The back-end system is already completed by the NEAR Data Center team and needs front end development to complete the application for end users

Michael Bonner (myself aka Codebymdb.near) - Front-End Developer


  • To use the provided Github repo to create a functional web application for this data with the designs provided by the NEAR Pulse team
  • To create and complete the application in three (3) weeks time or less
  • To make any other modifications needed while working with the NEAR Data Center team to make sure the first two goals are met.

Fully Completed Front-End in a separate branch in the provided Github repo ready for production

Project Budget of $2000 USD (to be provided upon project approval and completion)

Other Resources
The existing Github repo and design specs have already been provided by the NEAR Data team. They have also offered to be available for additional assistance when necessary.


Hey @codebymdb! Great work on the proposal :slightly_smiling_face:

You may proceed with development. I’ll walk you through submitting a $2000 payout proposal to the DAO here, once this project is complete.

NEAR Data Center DAO:


Please let us know any questions. Thanks for all your help!

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