Near-multicall (Grantee updates)

Hello NEAR DAOs!
this is @chluff and @lennczar from Near-multicall: A tool for making powerful on-chain governance proposals. From bundling contract calls and scheduling proposal execution times, to bypassing gas limits per proposal. We want DAOs to have more room for creativity and freedom to express themselves by taking actions on-chain in a trustless manner.

Links: Website | Github | Discord | Twitter

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Progress update CW 14-15


  • Smart Contract updates:

    1. [DONE] add a “safe_then” function: per default, chained promises in NEAR run one after the other. A failure somewhere in the promise chain won’t stop the rest of it from executing. However, that doesn’t always make sense, for example: a DAO owns wNEAR and wants to buy some NFTs, which are only sold in NEAR. The DAO makes a multicall promise chain proposal where wNEAR is unwrapped first, then resulting NEAR is used to make the purchase. It doesn’t make sense to execute the purchase if unwrapping wNEAR fails. With safe_then DAOs get even more granular control over the execution flow of their multicall proposals
    2. [DONE] simulation tests for multicalls with attached fungible tokens.
    3. [IN PROGRESS] simulation tests for multicall jobs
  • UI updates:

    1. [DONE] DAOs can create their own multicall instance from the UI: DAOs can make a function call proposal that gets them their own multicall instance with the press of a button!
    2. [IN PROGRESS] more checks to make sure users only send transactions to DAOs that they’re allowed to make proposals on.
    3. [DONE] DAO discovery: suggest DAOs in autocomplete with the help of AstroDAO API endpoints
    4. [DONE] small visual improvements

Progress update CW 16-17


  • General updates: Near-multicall is on Testnet :tada:
    We have an incentivized testing program so any useful feedback, suggestion or bug report will be rewarded! If you’re interested, join our Discord for more details :eyes:
    We’re also partnering with Learn Near Club to tap into their great pool of beta-testers

  • Smart Contract updates:

    1. [DONE] Modify structure used for listing jobs to slightly reduce storage usage.
  • UI updates:

    1. [DONE] Various bug fixes: with user permissions in DAO policy, and with decimals in Tgas values and Fungible token amounts
    2. [DONE] Further simplified multicall export tab
    3. [IN PROGRESS] persisting user cards during page refresh, re-directs…

Progress update CW 18-19


  • General updates: The highlight here is our beta-test in partnership with Learn-near club (LNC) during May 10th-12th. A test guide was made available for participants, it contained a brief introduction to DAOs and to our project, as well as a small tutorial on creating your first Near-multicall proposal.
    Few numbers:

    • 47 Multicall instances were created by (who we think are) 40 testers.
    • There were ~36 submissions in total. 12 invalid, 24 accepted.
    • Accepted submissions were done by 14 testers. On average, each one of these submissions had 2 feedback items. We rewarded top testers with 44 NEAR in total, Lear-near club also added 18 NEAR of their own.
  • UI updates:

    1. [DONE] Automate some testing/deployment tasks with github actions
    2. [DONE] Fix input validation errors on cards
    3. [IN PROGRESS] persisting user cards during page refresh, re-directs…

Progress update CW 20-21

2022-05-15T22:00:00Z → 2022-05-28T22:00:00Z

  • General updates: Here we’re mostly working on issues reported during the beta-test. We’ll also start closed mainnet testing very soon, so keep an eye on Discord for more details! :eyes:

  • UI updates:

    1. [DONE] Fixing bugs related to cloning cards.
    2. [DONE] Use big.js instead of native BigInt for big numbers’ math, improves precision.
    3. [IN PROGRESS] Accessibility improvements (multicall creation process & color / structural redisign).
    4. [DONE] Ability to save and load multicalls in JSON format. Next, we will work on importing multicalls from dao proposals.
    5. [IN PROGRESS] Quest for a new logo design.

Progress update CW 22-23

2022-05-29T22:00:00Z → 2022-06-11T22:00:00Z

  • General updates: Here we focused on getting ready for a smooth mainnet launch, targeting June 14th. We took finished features to production and tested the flow that users will go through several times. We also had a last look at the contracts to make sure everything is working as expected.

  • UI updates:

    1. [DONE] Merge new UI styling to production: We oriented ourselves to the feedback we got from the Beta-test: improving accessibility through the use of tooltips, bigger fonts, more contrasting colors and overall a better use of the screen real-estate.
    2. [DONE] A better multicall creation flow: To create an instance, DAOs have to make a proposal & get it approved. Now it all can be done from our UI. We also display explanations of the current DAO status and what should they do next.
    3. [DONE] Other smaller improvements & bug fixes.
  • Smart contract updates:

    1. Updated simulation tests to workspaces-js 2.0, this is to make sure they’re running against an up-to-date version of the sandox. We also added few more test cases.

keep up the good work.

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