[ ANNOUNCEMENT] Calling Near DAOs for First Telegram Space X Near Insider's

Hello Future of Near - DAOs
In the Celebration of 3K Members ( Near Insider’s) We Like to Organics first Live Space where we Invite All Near DAOs . Starting from Mintbase to GOA DAO .

Near Insiders X Near DAOs will bring an Opportunity to work and Educate to develop and To Invite people from different Countries Community to Have Open Call Discussion at Near Insiders Live Space .

We are Happy to Invite all the Near DAOs and Council Memeber to Join the Telegram Channel once we will share all the details .

Join the Telegram Channel - Telegram: Contact @nearXDAO
Everyone’s Invited to Join and invite People for these open Call Discussion . @HaiVu

Date / time / topic will be discuss on Telegram channel - Telegram: Contact @nearXDAO ( Mandatory Join )

:zap::zap:Benefits For these Open Call Telegram Live Space .

  1. Near Insiders Family reach 3K
  2. People from different Countries to join the share view and opinions and ideas .
  3. Enagage with DAOs and Get chance to Onboard or work with them
  4. Each DAOs get time to Onboard and Educate people about their DAOs and Show them how they creating Value to Near Ecosystem
  5. It’s open Gathering and Talks Brainstorm the I
  6. Educate , Delevop and Devote to Near Ecosystem

Note - Make Sure you Join the Above telegram channel for further information .

REWRADS :fire::fire:

There will be 20 $Near For the Community To Join and Interact and Ask The Quick 60 Second Question on the Telegram Channel .

Tagging all the Council Member from DAOs , If I missed someone you can comment that too. #creatives #creatives:hype-dao #creatives:incubadorapt-dao #creatives:muti-dao #creatives:mintbase #graffiti-dao #creatives:nxm-guild #creatives:c1-guild #creatives:nxm-guild #creatives:cudo-dao #raindrops-dao #kalakendra-dao #metaverse-dao #goa-dao #creatives:the-clan-guild

Thankyou :+1:

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@LulucaL @BigM007 @Elzy10 @Jamilaa.near @Albhion @MarcosPalhano @louietism guys join


Thankyou so much @gardana :muscle:


@gardana :hugs: ready, I’m there on the channels :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:


@creativesdao-council , I request to make an announcement this on their Telegram channel