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Great feedback! However, I don’t expect anyone from Legal Guild to approve such proposals. We must be sure to carefully hold each other accountable.

There is definitely a need for clear expectations of reporting ~ I’ll make updates to this post and our evolving resources on the NEAR wiki.

Please share more thoughts! #OpenWebIRL


I’m brainstorming for something in the capital of Tur.


Wow, this is an amazing move and ready to help with this. :clap:
I don’t know that you already planned for it or not, but my suggestion here is if we could give a place for the meetup organizers to list their meetups details(pics, video, fun moments, etc.) in a single place which can be a simple notion board or a website where meetup organizers can list their successful event’s details country/chapter wise to showcase their work. It will be great, and anyone from the community can check our achievements at any time in a single place.


Great suggestion! I think it would work best on these pages:

For now, we can simply use our global Meetup network site:


Nice idea.
I would try to organize the meetup in my city or visit a meetup as a speaker ( subject like “introducing to Near ecosystem”) in other cities in my native languages. But I have a lot of questions as an organizer (topics, speakers, targets, reports, etc) and as a speaker (would be great to visit some seminars to get a strict vision/understanding, examples). Is it some guidelines, requirements, and instructions?


Great feedback!

We are building a wiki for NEAR, and there is a new page about organizing NEAR Meetups. I’d love to develop that resource together as a global ecosystem of regionalities and local communities. Also, you are welcome to join our Discord server for Meetup organizers, and I’m happy to answer questions :slightly_smiling_face:

I wonder if we should also create a page on That could be more accessible to anyone with a NEAR account; however, it may require vigilant moderation.

Proposed Content Aggregation Strategy

Let’s coordinate to insure consistently positive branding, messaging, and quality of experience. I’m hoping we will provide anything you might need to successfully organize your own NEAR Meetups! That includes presentation templates, workshop materials, interactive tutorials, community brainstorming, and other content.

I’ve proposed using Google Drive for sharing any files. Maybe you know a better solution?

Global NEAR Meet Webinar

We are planning a virtual event later this month, and potential Meetup organizers are invited to participate by asking questions, sharing insights, etc. I’ll provide info about my experience as a member of Near York City, along with my understanding of the guidelines, requirements, and instructions. I believe this event should take place in the NEAR Discord.


Congratulations James + Community Team!

Very excited about in-person meetups and being able to grow local communities.

I am particularly like the structure of the program - well organised on Discord where organisers from different regions can share, learn, and inspire each other as well as the shared Meetup page which greatly increases discoverability.

Looking forward to working with the Meetup teams closely to understand and improve the onboarding experience!



@Arturoahs you already did a little meeting on Valencia (VE) where you paid from your own money the space/equipment/food/materials and it was very successful because we got @andresdom and his team, and other devs like @grex and his partner came from online meetings, all of who make the NCD L1 and now are going for more with the DiR proposal 4MyFuture or asking even for a Grant on this P2P DEX project


I do believe this meetings are good for the growth of the community.

Thank you @jlwaugh

@Grard you from Maracaibo (VE) can do the same, remember that every value you add to the ecosystem and to the community could be rewarded. From my point of view the path should be:

  1. Generate presence in social networks (Twitter / Instagram )
  2. Educate NEARcomers ( You can use a lot of the spanish content created ) @Nicolasp2 is organizing the content right now, so it can be shown better
  3. AMA, meetings, meetups where you can onboard professionals into the community. (Devs, Lawyers, Designers) There is room for everyone, life is now digital / online.

Of course, here in Caracas @LuisAponte99 you have a Educational project where internacional lawyers and politicians can discuss teach and learn about DAOs and the new way of gobernance right ? Take a look at this, maybe this is the way to make that idea come true.


That’s right @FritzWorm, it was an initiative that we had which ended up giving very good results. Thanks a lot for your support, we keep working to grow our community


@FritzWorm that’s how it is!! Thanks for your support. We are going for much more !


Good evening James. I think we need to share information about meet up’s opportunities through all our official social media. I think we can find new interesting people in Community. Thanks.


Hi Team, Hi @FritzWorm @jlwaugh

Indeed, take a look of our project:

NEARMUN :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

NEAR Model of United Nations

Purpose: To grow the NEAR community in a significant and constant way with university and college students. So then, reciprocally, help students to train in everything related to NEAR, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies; complementing this with negotiation, writing and public speaking techniques, which can be used for conflict resolution hand in hand with NEAR technology.

It is proposed and explained down more clearly later; an event called “NEARMun” with a purpose of learning and education for children and university students promoting tolerance, respect and diversity, pushing them into the world of NEAR from a very young age. Likewise, helping participants to better understand the operation of NEAR and the third generation Blockchain technology, which by the way, is the best way to resolve conflicts through all the advantages that NEAR provides.


  • Spread NEAR and its community which is in charge of developing services and tools based on blockchain that have a great impact on societies.
  • Expand the NEAR community in Venezuela that leads stakeholders to interact in the NEAR governance forum, using the different communication and dissemination channels with which they can contribute ideas to the ecosystem.
  • Get different university students from different careers in order to place them as future professionals in strategic places so that they can contribute and interact with all NEAR platforms; such as students in social networks and content creation, students in programming and development, students in education, etc …
  • Opening of wallets and use of NEAR on its protocol as well as the incentive to do staking saving in $ NEAR; then giving a continuous and sustained use to the NEAR wallet.
  • Support the idea of Model United Nations as a large space for the discussion of topics of interest.
  • The proposals emanating from each committee will be submitted to the respective authorities so that they can have a real applicability in the ecosystem.
  • Educate young university students and college students about the use of cryptocurrencies, development of DAOs, DeFi, blockchain, etc …
  • Provide deliberative spaces to democratize and decentralize information and the different opportunities that NEAR offers.

Expected results

It is estimated that all students and people involved in the project will open their NEAR wallet to participate in the Model United Nations “NEARMun” and thus apply not only to the debate sessions, but at the end of them they will receive an award in NEAR. Usually, to do a Model United Nations, students pay a registration fee, let’s say … it is the way in which an event of this type is sustained (almost always mid-range and here we plan to do it high-end); In this case, students will not pay for registration on the condition that they have a NEAR wallet and make resolution sheets, proposals for problems and projects in Blockchain as a democratic and decentralized solution.

Likewise, it is estimated that every 2 or 3 months these events can be held in order to attract more students from different careers and involve the universities and colleges that carry out these Model United Nations frequently. Thus achieving a rebound effect where we will incorporate more students, teachers, and institutions into the community.

The expected results, together with the educational benefits and the students captured, is the significant impact on social networks since it is estimated to have a high level of views for social network publications on the FIRST UNITED NATIONS MODEL OF BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY IN VENEZUELA, with prospects to reach all students in the country.

Finally, it is hoped to achieve a simile as well as contact with different national and international organizations that have held this type of event, with which it is mentioned that what is proposed here is possible; Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and NEAR do not escape education or the Model United Nations:

It is interesting that the largest supranational governmental organizations as is UN will support these projects in his office of Childhood and Kids regarding the education of blockchain, crypto, and NEAR.

Success metrics

It can be demonstrated that the United Nations Models have been carried out, by our organizing team, we have been the first to transfer this initiative to the digital part and carry out United Nations models online by organizing meetings and meetups within of the debate committees known as NETMUN where we have managed to hold 4 Model United Nations and 3 discussion meetings for new proposals on the Venezuelan Diaspora in which a total of:

  • Model United Nations: 200 college students from more than 30 schools throughout Venezuela gathered in a virtual room discussing specific topics (in this case we would do it in person, respecting biosafety standards, discussing and debating the benefits, virtues, and development of NEAR in different committees.
  • Discussion Meetups: It is correct to point out that for the discussion meetings, they were not students per se, but Venezuelan migrants around the world, it is also important to note that we achieved a total of 356 registered for a single meetup, where we could not do it in one single day due to the massive number of participants and we divided it into 3 meetings.

Regarding social networks, the metrics were considered to be of high impact and significantly positive, since only the use of IG was considered as a dissemination social network, then waiting for prospecting in the future for the application of others. Therefore, we had the following metrics:

  • Account opening date: February 2020.
  • Number of followers: 1,447 followers.
  • Publications: 51 (each week we posted one).
  • Interaction: Average of 10 likes per post as well as an average of 125 views per post.

In this sense and endorsed by NEAR, it is projected to triple the numbers in terms of metrics for the “NEARMun” event that is presented to start the year 2022.

Scope / Opportunities:

Outreach provides us with opportunities, our goal leads us to think that with NETMUN children, we can achieve in the long term, which will also depend on resources, a great contribution to society in terms of education called " NEAR Kids ”which will mean an important quarry for tomorrow’s professionals exploiting their talent today, as some organizations do, such as“ Crypto Kids Camp ”- - which has managed to convert the universe of Blockchain technology in a new age school for children. Can we imagine something similar but with NEAR? - This is the way to start!

The scope is destined to reach (over time), to all the schools in the country, then achieving, little by little, that all the children and their representatives want to interact with NEAR projects from the United Nations Model, to complete education in colleges on third-generation Blockchain technology. Here we will also have the collaboration of a foundation that is dedicated to the education of children throughout Venezuela and that has also organized Model United Nations, the “Fúndate” Foundation: Login • Instagram

We will also have the collaboration of the GOAT Solutions LTD company and the participation of the Funky Rolls company - Login • Instagram -.

All those institutions are willing to actively participate with the entire NEAR ecosystem.

In the case of university students, we plan to create a NEAR university in the medium term, with students from different careers who want to graduate and study not only smart contracts but everything related to Blockchain technology, always hand in hand with NEAR. Can we imagine a NEAR university in Venezuela? - Model United Nations is the way to start!

Target audience

The target audience that “NEARMun” focuses on is aimed at university students from related careers such as International Relations, International Law, Liberal Studies, International Trade, Geopolitics, Social Sciences, Sociology, Economics, Finance, Administration, and others … Also college students in the final semesters of high school who wish to begin to have experience in models of the united nations. The mission is intended to be able to integrate them with the knowledge they can acquire for the use of DAOs, wallets, DApps, tools, and resources provided by NEAR, its protocol, and its Blockchain.

Although it would be the first layer of public or niche to which one wants to reach, the United Nations models are characterized by the result that emanates from them known as “Resolution Sheets” where those solutions and proposals (which in this case will be related a NEAR and its virtues) may be elevated to other instances and entities, so it would be considered a more professional target audience that we can reach. Finally, a public interested in disseminating, discussing and debating about the virtues, the pros and cons of cryptocurrencies, their scope and their use, the blockchain and of course NEAR, would be considered in the third layer.


The “1st Model United Nations NEARMun” on Blockchain, Web3 and NEAR will be held in the city of Caracas (Venezuela), in person, counting on the fact that Venezuela in terms of United Nations models is the 3rd country in the world with larger volunteer delegates and participants in such models. Both international and national delegations from different universities, technical schools, and colleges have been part of prestigious models at Harvard and IVY Leagues. By virtue of the development of the “1st Blockchain Model of the United Nations NEARMun”, the possibility of developing it in other localities will be evaluated in a first national instance, and then raising it to other international locations; coupled with the expected fact of replicating it in the city of Caracas at least 4 times a year and if possible in other states of the national territory.

Date and time:

The Model United Nations “NEARMun” will be held between January and February depending on available resources. The event will take place on a non-holiday weekend in work sessions divided into 4 discussion sessions and debates of an hour and a half each (2 academic hours), understood in the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This date and time may vary depending on the availability of the spaces where the aforementioned Model United Nations will take place.


The event involves operating expenses that arise from the rental of adequate and high-level spaces, going through qualified personnel, logistics consumption in the matter of snacks, articles on the safeguarding of biosafety, transport, preparation and acquisition of material advertising (physical and digital) with the logos of the event and NEAR respectively, coverage of the registration of students, awards and decorations for the winners of the United Nations Model in Blockchain, audiovisual equipment for the development and collection of information with the purpose of massifying the event through the social networks, with the dissemination of NEAR as a cryptocurrency that supports, finances and promotes educational projects. Likewise, hiring of qualified personnel for the protocol and organizational section of the event; In this sense, it is projected to make an investment of $ 5000 USD, which as of the date of this publication means 531 NEAR approx.

I remain available if anyone wants to know more about our project. Feel free to join us and to ping me if there is any doubt.

We will be NEAR you

Contact: @LuisAponte99 @Nicolasp2
Reference: @FritzWorm


Hi @jlwaugh
I want to make few fore extra meetups in Goa or may be in India

I did already 3 meetups in Goa for 15-30 people for every meetup

With my meetups i want to create new wallets, show people how to create NFT, tell more information about NEAR and want to increase NEAR people in ecosystem in India,

I would like have some help with funds, because before i did meetups without any funds, i think if i have fund support i can involved more people and make meetups more big

Here i give u link video report my meetup what i did before

Just want to ask how much fund is comfortable to support me with this type meetups?

If u like idea i want to create 1-3 more extra meetups in December by my own with your

Also to understand im is part of Goa guild we planning 2-4 meetups for create by guild goals (this meetup fund by goa guild)

I want to create my own meetups separate from Goa guild , about i wrote up

What u think? @jlwaugh
Let me know please if u interested
Thank you


That seems like a great event!

Please feel free to submit a proposal by creating a forum topic #community:events

We often ask contributors to discuss details transparently in order to be more accountable to the whole NEAR community.

I’d love to read a report from your event, including the opportunities for additional events and projects.


This proposal is wonderful! Thank you very much for including all that info.

Nice work on IG!

I’d love to support your initiative, as we think about how to expand on the first NEAR Model UN event.

Will you create a new topic as a way to facilitate discussion about your project and building on that momentum? That way, others may find opportunities to get involved.


Of course let discuss any details

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This is link to my first request if u scroll it to end, there u can find report


This is link to 3th meetup

When u scroll u can find report too


Nice! Thanks for sharing these interesting examples. I want to make sure you can get support to do events, and I’m hoping you will coordinate with other local communities near your city.

Sometimes those meaningful discussions between a few people are just as valuable than larger events, if not more! We’re always looking for people who can help build connections and empower other contributors in such a global initiative.


This link to second meetup

All 3 meetups we did without any funds,

Just if u can support us , letsee how we can increase event power 🤷:muscle::muscle: