NEAR India Guild Monthly Report (Feb-2021)

Month:February 2021

Guild Name:NEAR India

Monthly Highlights:

  • Three new members Abhi, Rohit,and Vinoth joined the guild where Abhi is the admin of (a crypto blog website) and Rohit is an influencer and admin of but Vinoth is a developer.

  • NEAR India launched #IndiaLearnsBlockchain champaign where are we educating blockchain in various Indian languages. This campaign comprises infographics,videos,etc that includes educational information about Blockchain and NEAR Protocol and available in different languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Oriya.

  • We won the NEAR Bounty for Girl Power at ETHDenver.

  • NEAR India Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages created.

  • Our NEAR India twitter crossed first 100 followers and counting.

  • Connection establised with some exiting crypto community.

Video Content:

  1. Gyan Laxmi created one video in two langauges Tamil and hindi in support of #IndiaLearnsBlockchian campaign and you can check them here Tamil Video-1, Hindi Video-2

  2. Kuen Shahi created a short video to describe brief about NEAR and Projects building on it and to watch the video please click here.

  3. Abihi jayant created a YouTube video to give random talks and updates about NEAR and to watch this video please click here

  4. Jitendra published one video about Introduction of NEAR EVM where he described how NEAR EVM is far better than Ethereum EVM and you can watch the video by click here.

Blog Post:

  1. Jitendra published one article with title- Nightshade: A New Approach To Blockchain Sharding on the Hackernoon publication and to read that article please click here.


  1. Sanket translated three articles from NEAR blog in Hindi language and published over NEAR blog and you can find these article links here Article-1, Article-2, Article-3.

  2. Jitendra translated one article from NEAR blog in Odia language and published in NEAR Medium and to read that article please click here.

Social Media Management and Analytics :

Other Initiatives:

Giveaway: A small giveaway about NEAR did by our guild member Vinoth kumar on their own community’s twitter handle, tweet link the giveaway-

Infographics: Kuen Shahi created a infographics about the relation of NEAR and FLUX which can be access by click here.

Tweets about NEAR by guild members:


MEME Tweets:

NEAR Insta reels post

Thank you and love from NEAR India :heart:

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