NEAR Guild India monthly report Jan 2021

Last month was moderate productive in the sense of content creation but as usual, we did a minimum of one event in Odia language with a blockchain club of Silicon engineering college in Odisha and I’m planning to do such events regularly with other blockchain clubs and with universities of Odisha you can find all the detailed report below.

On 31th Jan I did one webinar with approx 40 students of an existing blockchain club in Silicon engineering college of Odisha, then uploaded it to my YouTube channel to grow its further reach and you watch the webinar by clicking here


  1. This month one article got published by Jitendra over CoinMonks publication which is a top publication over medium with the title- " Why NEAR is the most developer-friendly blockchain?" click here to read this article.
  2. One more video by Jitendra published over the Youtube channel with the title-"Validating v/s Delegating in NEAR blockchain " in Hindi language and click here to watch the video.
  3. Vinoth Kumar created one video in the Tamil language to educate Tamil people about NEAR staking and shared it over TamilBtc group to watch this video you can click here
  4. Kuen created an awesome short video about an overview of the NEAR token and you can click here to watch the video.


  1. The first translation is done by Sanket of the NEAR blog article with the title " Dragonfly Capital Joins NEAR Validator Advisory Board" from English to Hindi then published over NEAR India medium and you can click here to read the Hindi translated article.
  2. Second translation is done by Jitendra of the NEAR blog article with title- " Getting Started With the NEAR Wallet" from English to Odia then published on NEAR India medium and click here to read the article.


  1. Yash designed a fresh new logo for NEAR India and click here to watch the logo.
  2. Yash designed a Republic day poster for NEAR India that shared over NEAR India Twitter and you can click here to read the post.
  3. Kuen created this simple infographic to give an overview of NEAR Protocol that shared over NEAR India Twitter and you can click here to watch that post.

Community and social media:

  1. Sanket did a wonderful job as he always does by handling a crowd of discord, Telegram of NEAR global, and Twitter of NEAR India by posting relevant posts.


  1. Our community builder Yash created and managing a Gitbook for NEAR India which is a one-stop location to access all the contents created by NEAR India Guild members. The Gitbook can be used to educate new people of the community because anyone can get all the required resources in a single place and to access our Gitbook you can click here.